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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Upgrade Skills

Upgrade Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn by following this simple guide.

The core of Horizon Zero Dawn is fighting against mechanical beasts. To take down these beasts, Aloy has to hit them multiple times. As the game progresses, Aloy faces stronger creatures who are hard to defeat. The only way for players to make this process simpler for Aloy is by upgrading their skills. Upgrading skills gives players some important new abilities that can be used in combats. Here’s how you can upgrade skills in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Upgrade Best Skills Easily


To upgrade skills in Horizon Zero Dawn, players have to collect experience points in the game and level up. Players can collect experience points by completing almost any task in the game right from defeating enemies to exploring new sectors to completing side quests. This will level up Aloy and eventually allow players to take on new skills. Some of these skills will be helpful in combats while some others will make it easier for players to roam around and collect valuable items.

Once players have enough experience points and they have the required level, they can simply upgrade skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. All they have to do is pause the game and head to the skills tab. There are a total of three skill trees in the base game, Prowler, Brave, and Forager. The DLC extension adds another skill tree called the Traveler. Different skill trees have different types of skills that can be upgraded by players. Skills categories in different trees are:

Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn



This tree contains forging skills that are useful for crafting and collecting items. Gatherer, Tinkerer, and Herbalist are some of the best skills to upgrade first in the Forager tree.



The Prowler tree contains all the sneaking abilities. These skills help Aloy to sneak on enemies silently and attack them. Silent Strike and Low Profile are the skills to go for in this tree.


When sneaking doesn’t help, Aloy has to take down enemies bravely. This tree has all the attacking skills. These skills increase the damage boost. Players can look out for skills like Critical Hit, Concentration, and Double Shot in the Brave skill tree.



The Horizon Zero Dawn DLC extension adds this skill tree that is centered around using mounts. These skills help travel quickly and apart from traveling it also helps in combats. Call Mount + and Mounted Strike are two skills in this tree to start with.

According to your needs, you can select any tree and any skill from that tree to upgrade it. That’s how you upgrade skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can also upgrade spear in Horizon Zero Dawn to take down enemies quickly. Not just that you can also unlock Shield-Weaver Armor by collecting power cells from Mother’s Watch and other locations. Keep upgrading your character and skills and beat Horizon Zero Dawn.