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How Long Does It Take To Beat Horizon Zero Dawn On Pc

You can spend hours in Horizon Zero Dawn and it still won't be enough

If you are wondering about how long does it take to beat Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, the answer depends on you. If you are wondering how much time you need to spend in the game, this article will help solve all of your questions.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Horizon Zero Dawn

If you are looking forward to completing Horizon Zero Dawn and are wondering as to how much time it will take, it entirely depends on how much exploration you’re willing to do.

The developers at Guerilla Games have created a vast world with intricate details that help to craft a powerful narrative that will stay with you months after completing the game.

If you’re just thinking about completing the story missions and nothing else, it will take you around 25-30 hours depending on how efficient you are at taking down your enemies.

You will face giant enemies and humans alike, so it depends on how good you are, if you are really good at adventure games, your playtime will be considerably less.

If you’re just getting into such a game, there is a bit of a learning curve.  There are other things to consider as well, if you wish to complete the story with some of the side missions, this will add another 10 or so hours in the game, taking the entire experience about 40-45 hours to complete.

Finally, if you’re a completionist, and wish to complete 100% of the game, you will need to uncover every secret, complete mission, track side quests and find all the easter eggs doing all of this will take you anywhere between 60-80 hours of playtime.

One thing is certain that no matter how many hours you put into Horizon Zero Dawn, the experience just keeps getting better and we suggest that players explore every pixel of the game.

If you have The Frozen Wilds DLC and are looking forward to completing that as well, it will take 8-10 hours to complete the main storyline and with side missions, it will take about 20 hours to play it in its entirety.

This is basically, all you need to know about how long does it take to beat Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. While you’re here, you should also check out How To Save Game In Horizon Zero Dawn.