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How To Upgrade Spear In Horizon Zero Dawn

Want to upgrade spear in Horizon Zero Dawn PC? Here's what you need to know.

Spear is the first weapon that you will learn to use in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the default melee weapon that Aloy has at the very beginning to face her enemy. The default or basic spear, however, cannot deal high damage to enemies. Hence, Aloy has to hit enemies multiple times to kill them. And on top of that, you cannot purchase any new powerful spear. The only possible way to increase spear’s damage is through upgrades. Hence, gamers are curious about how to upgrade spear in Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) to complete quests and missions more quickly. Here’s the guide for just that.

How to Unlock Spear Upgrades in Horizon Zero Dawn

There are multiple ways to increase the spear’s damage. We will go through all of them individually.

Complete In Her Mother’s Footsteps side quest

In the early stages of the game, players can complete In Her Mother’s Footsteps side quest to permanently boost the base damage of the spear. It is a quest given by Thok, a wounded hunter. Aloy has to save Thok’s daughter and bring her back to him. Thok in return rewards her by increasing the spear’s base damage.

Unlock melee skills

Head to the skills menu and complete melee related skills. There aren’t many skills available, but there are a few that will give a little spike to the spear’s damage. Some of these skills are:

Knock Down

This skill increases heavy spear attack damage to knock down machines quickly.

Precision +

The ability to knock off armor and takedown with light spear attack increases significantly.


Light spear attack damage increases to knock off armor and take down enemies easily.

Fighting Back

Heavy spear attack damage greatly increases when Aloy’s health is low.

Unlock spear modification in The Frozen Wilds

In the Frozen Wilds DLC expansion of the Horizon Zero Dawn, you can take upgrading spears into your hands. All you need to do is complete A Secret Shared side quest. The recommended player level for the side quest is 30. Hence, make sure that you are around that level before you go for the side quest.

To enter the side quest, you will have to talk to Kamut. Kamut will be at the Song’s Edge in The Frozen Wilds DLC. Kamut will explain Aloy the mission. The core of the quest is to find the Drag Hunter Dungeon in the North and get the drone.

Once you have the drone, head back quickly to Kamut to end the quest. Kamut will reward Aloy with a box that will contain the first spear modification. Completing the quest will also unlock other modification slots for upgrading the spear.

That’s how you can upgrade spear in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion. Once you have completed A Secret Shared quest, you might want to save your progress in Horizon Zero Dawn so that your data isn’t lost.