Palia: How To Upgrade Axe

An upgraded Axe is required to cut down bigger trees in Palia. So check out this guide to learn how to enhance your existing Makeshift Axe.

Upgrading the Axe will allow you to cut large trees in Palia. This tool is very essential to collect wood and level up the Foraging skill. The wood obtained can be processed to make planks using the Sawmill. However, the Makeshift Axe can only chop small trees and bushes in Palia. You can cut bigger trees by upgrading it to Standard, Fine or Exquisite Axe. So, here is how to do it.

How to Upgrade Axe In Palia

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You can upgrade your Axe by leveling up the Foraging skill in Palia. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Get the Makeshift Axe

    • You can get this Axe by talking to Ashura during the Welcome to Palia quest.
    • It is one of the starting tasks of the game, and it will reward you with your first tool.
  2. Upgrade the Foraging Skill

    • You should level up your Foraging Skill by chopping trees and collecting plants.
    • Level three will unlock the first Axe upgrade for you.
  3. Learn the Standard Axe Recipe

    • You can buy the Standard Axe Recipe from Ashura’s shop.
    • Find him on the map and go to him.
    • You can purchase it for 250 gold.
  4. Gather the Required Resources

    • You will need the Makeshift Axe, 20x Sapwood Plank, and 5x Copper Bar to make the Standard Axe.
    • Use the Forge to craft Copper Bar and Sawmill to get Sapwood Plank.
  5. Upgrade the Axe

    • Use the Worktable to craft the Standard Axe once you have all the required resources.
    • Use the tool wheel to equip your new Axe.

Similarly you can upgrade your Standard Axe to Fine and Exquisite. Here are all the details of them:

Tool Foraging Level Gold Materials Description
Makeshift Axe N/A N/A N/A
  • Can chop small trees and bushes
Standard Axe 3 250 Makeshift Axe
20x Sapwood Planks
5x Copper Bar
  • Deals more damage than the Makeshift Axe
  • Can chop small and medium trees
Fine Axe 6 1500 Standard Axe
10x Heartwood Plank
5x Iron Bars
  • Deals more damage than the Standard Axe
  • Can chop small, medium, and large trees
Exquisite Axe 9 3000 Fine Axe
5x Flow-Infused Plank
2x Palium Bars
  • Deals more damage than the Fine Axe
  • Can chop small, medium, and large trees

So, that concludes this guide on how to upgrade Axe in Palia. Now that you have upgraded your Axe, here is how to Repair it to replenish its durability.