How To Unlock Characters In Street Fighter 6 World Tour

While playing the World Tour, you can imitate the fighting style of other in-game characters (Masters). However, you need to unlock that particular character before you can adapt their fighting styles. So, you need to progress through the World Tour to unlock all the characters in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Since World Tour is one of the latest features of the game, figuring out how to unlock all the Masters/Characters can get difficult. To help you with it, we will mention the ways to unlock them. Here’s everything you should know.

How to Unlock Characters in SF6 World Tour

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Characters In World Tour

In Street Fighter 6 (SF6), you will come across different Masters while completing Missions. There are a total of 18 characters that you can unlock in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Here’s how can unlock them.

  • Luke
    • Unlocks during Chapter 1
  • Chun-Li
    • Unlocks during Chapter 2-1 in Chinatown, Metro City
  • Marisa
    • Unlocks during Chapter 3-3 in Italy
  • Blanka
    • Unlocks during Chapter 6-1 in Brazil
  • Dee Jay
    • Unlocks during Chapter 6-1 in Jamaica
  • Lily
    • Unlocks this Street Fighter 6 (SF6) Character during World Tour Chapter 6-1 in Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico
  • Jamie
    • Unlocks during Chapter 8-1 in Chinatown, Metro City
  • Ken
    • Unlocks during Chapter 8-3 in Metro City
  • E.Honda
    • Unlocks during Chapter 8-4 in Metro City
  • Ryu
    • Unlocks during Chapter 8-5 in Genbu Temple, Japan
  • Guile
    • Unlocks during Chapter 9-1 in Carrier Brion Taylor
  • Manon
    • Talk to a person known as Oscar near the main hub in Metro City to get Side Mission known as Extra. Complete it to unlock Manon in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) World Tour.
  • Juri
    • Unlock her during the Side Mission known as A Hardboiled Adventure in Nayshall
  • Kimberly
    • She will be standing in Beat Street, Metro City after completing more than half of the World Tour missions. Interact and unlock to learn her fighting style.
  • Zangief
    • Unlock this World Tour Character in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) by completing a Side Mission, Hither and Tither. You will get this Side Mission near the Hagger Stadium during the nighttime.
  • Dhalsim
    • Defeat Anik in Bayside Park, Dhalsimer Temple to unlock him.
  • Cammy
    • Firstly, complete the Side Mission known as Special Unit Del, Metro City. After that, visit King’s Street in London where you will find Cammy.
  • JP
    • This Street Fighter 6 (SF6) character is unlocked during Chapter 15-4 in Nayshall.

Now that you know the locations for all the characters, you can unlock them as your Masters. Once done, you will be able to use their Fighting Style which can be equipped in the Gear > Status tab from your mobile phone.

That’s how you unlock all the Characters in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) World Tour. Besides this, do you want to know which is the strongest among all of these 18 Characters? Then make sure to check out our Best Character Tier List in Street Fighter 6.

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