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How To Unlock Weapons In Hitman Freelancer (Ornamentals Included)

Learn how to unlock powerful weapons and even ornamental weapons in the new Hitman Freelancer mode.

Hitman Freelancer challenges you by taking away your choice to pick and choose which weapon and equipment you want or even telling you how to unlock these weapons or the Ornamental weapons. At the start, you won’t have access to anything but a single pistol but as you progress through Freelancer, you will start acquiring weapons as you go. So let’s look at some of the methods to unlock weapons in Hitman Freelancer.

Unlocking Weapons in Hitman Freelancer

ornamental weapons hitman freelancer

Here are ways to acquire weapons and add them to your collection to fill up your weapon wall in Hitman Freelancer.

  • Buying weapons from supplier
  • Finding weapons during a mission
  • Getting weapons from Supply Crates

Buying Weapons From a Supplier

Often you are going to find a supplier somewhere on the map. You can check whether a supplier is going to be there in any given mission on the intel screen before choosing your next destination. However, getting weapons from a supplier will cost you Merces so make sure you are stacked up on them before you plan to do it this way. As you level up your Freelancer Mastery, more options will be available to buy from the supplier.

Finding Weapons During a Mission

One of the best, if not the best method to get weapons, is to acquire them within the mission itself. Certain maps favor this even more by having easier ways to get particular weapons for example; You can easily get a silenced pistol from elite guards in Dubai or you can get some decent weapons from Nolan Cassidy’s weapon locker in Whittleton Creek if you know how to get around the security systems. Just bring your desired weapon back with you to the Safehouse and you will have it unlocked in your collection.

Getting Weapons From Supply Crates

When you successfully finish a non-showdown mission and get back to the safehouse you will be awarded a supply crate. This crate will have three items in it but you will only get to choose one. However, these specific supply crates don’t often have weapons in them but the Supply Crate you get from finishing a Showdown Mission has a good chance of providing you with a weapon.

How to Get Ornamental Weapons

Ornamental Weapons hitman

Ornamental weapons are these fancy gold-plated variants of some of the weapons that you can already find in the base game. These weapons existed before the freelancer update but here is how you get them in Freelancer.

These weapons unlock based on your Freelancer Mastery level. They unlock on the following levels:

  • The Ornamental Pistol – Level 5
  • The Ornamental Assault Rifle – Level 10
  • The Ornamental Katana – Level 15
  • The Ornamental Shotgun – Level 20
  • The Ornamental SMG – Level 25
  • The Ornamental Sniper – Level 30

Remember that just like any other weapons, you can lose your ornamental weapons if you take them and fail the mission so be careful. For more Hitman-related articles, check out Hitman Freelancer Safe Clues: How To Find Them? and Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge.