Halls Of Torment Warlock: How To Unlock The Playable Character

Want to get another playable character to kill hordes of enemies? Here is how to unlock the Warlock in Halls of Torment.

Are you trying to figure out how to unlock Warlock in Halls of Torment? Our guide will show you the best way to get this character. The horde survival RPG resembles a blend of Vampire Survivors and any classic Diablo game. Developed by Chasing Carrots, the game lets you adjust to your playstyle by letting you play with seven different playable characters. However, you will need to unlock them first. The Warlock is one of the playable characters in HoT.

How to Unlock Warlock in Halls of Torment

beat the wyrm queen and get warlock

You can unlock the Warlock in Halls of Torment by beating the Wyrm Queen elite enemy in the Ember Ground area. The boss can be found during the Wyrm Queen quest in Chapter II of Ember Grounds. So, make sure you reach this level to unlock the Warlock.

You must remember that the Wyrm Queen will only spawn when the timer has six minutes left. So, to unlock the Warlock in HoT, you must defeat the Wyrm Queen before the timer hits zero. The fight is not that difficult in itself. However, the Wyrm Queen can go underground and damage you while emerging back out. So, watch for this attack, and you will be ready.

The Warlock is quite similar to the Necromancer class in Diablo 4. You will be able to summon ghosts that will land damage on your enemies. The Warlock is one of the best classes in Halls of Torment regarding crowd control. So, if hordes of enemies surround you, you can count on the Warlock to do the job for you.

That’s everything you need to know to unlock Warlock in Halls of Torment. We hope that you were able to get this playable character. If you want to unlock more of them, check out how to get all characters in Halls of Torment.