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How To Reach Sumeru Genshin Impact 3.0 & Prerequisites

Here are the prerequisites to unlock Sumeru and how to reach the region in Genshin Impact.

Sumeru is a new region introduced to Genshin Impact players in version 3.0 update and it brings along new enemies, resources, characters and quests. As you are aware, there are certain prerequisites and conditions to fulfill if you wish to access the Sumeru region of Teyvat. Plus, there’s a particular path you need to follow to reach the location easily. We’ve explained the steps in this quick guide.

Sumeru Region Unlock Prerequisites

  • First, make sure your game is updated to version 3.0.
  • You require access to The Chasm on the map in order to get to Sumeru.
  • If you haven’t unlocked The Chasm yet, here are the unlock requirements and enter the area:
    • Reach Adventure Rank 28 or above.
    • Complete Chapter 1: Act 3 (A New Star Approaches)
    • Complete the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest
  • Once you have unlocked The Chasm, you can start making your way to Sumeru.

how to reach sumeru genshin

How to Reach Sumeru in Genshin Impact?

  • Now, to reach Sumeru, the Land of the Dendro Archon, check your Quests log and Navigate to A Forest of Change. This will task you with locating Avidya Forest.
  • Open up your Map and find The Chasm.
  • You must head to the south-western coast of The Chasm, near Cinnabar Cliff.

how to unlock access sumeru region genshin impact

  • To speed things up, use the Statues of the Seven location in The Chasm, Liyue and click on the Teleport button.
  • From the location where you teleported to, glide to a small entrance near the lamppost glowing with a yellow light.
  • Keep going until you see a broken wooden bridge. Proceed through the forest until the quest updates and that’s it! This is how to unlock and reach Sumeru in Genshin Impact.
  • There’s another way to access Sumeru and that is to avoid the tunnel path and climb/glide from your Teleportation location to Sumeru. As soon as you see a change of scenery and music, you will be in Sumeru. You should also get the Four Leaf Sigil pop-up as soon as you reach there.

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