How To Unlock Storage Room During To Rot Or Burn Quest In HSR

Struggling to access the Storage Room gate during the To Rot or to Burn quest? Then here's a solution for that, along with a quest walkthrough.

During the To Rot or to Burn quest in Honkai Star Rail, many players are struggling to unlock the Storage Room gate. This gate is in Rivet Town and Clara is waiting for you on the other side of it. And to access it, you’ll simply have to take another route and that’ll do the trick. If you can’t wait to finish this Trailblazer quest in the Withering Wintry Night, then we’ll help you speed up the process. Below we have not only mentioned the solution to open the Storage Room gate but also a quick quest walkthrough.

How to Unlock Storage Room Gate in Honkai Star Rail – To Rot or Burn Quest

Solution to unlock & access Storage Room During To Rot Or Burn Quest Honkai Star Rail
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In Honkai Star Rail, during the To Rot or to Burn you can unlock the Storage room gate by teleporting to the Orphanage waypoint. Once you reach there, take the stairs going upwards and then take the stairs on the left going downwards. After that, you’ll reach a locked door that can be unlocked via interacting with the Controller. Once you open the door, you’ll find Clara in the Tempering Workshop standing beside an enemy who is ready to fight. And that’s how you can access the Storage Room date to move further in the quest. If you are still unclear about what exactly you’ll have to do in this quest, then scroll down for more details.

How to Complete To Rot or Burn Quest (Quick Walkthrough)

This is a level 18 Trailblazer quest that appears after completing the Lying in Rust quest. Here you’ll be helping Clara out and also fighting the Svarog Boss until he tells the truth. As this fight is not going to be that easy, make sure your characters are all healed up and ready to battle. With that said, let’s dive into it.

  1. First, teleport to Boulder Town by taking the waypoint in the North direction.
  2. Next, keep moving to the north and interact with Hook, located in the north direction.
  3. After that, you’ll find yourself in the Robot Settlement.
  4. Keep moving further and go to the locked gate.
  5. To access it, collect 1, 2 & 3 Level Certification from the Robots.
  6. The certification can be obtained by giving the right answer to two robots and fighting with the last robot.
  7. So go ahead and interact with them one by one to give them the right answer. Do note, giving the wrong answer will initiate a battle with the robots.
  8. You can find the answers for the first two robots on your own by selecting the option. Let’s Listen in on conversation, doing so will allow you to hear the conversations of the villagers. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of to listening conversations then below we have mentioned the correct answers.
    To Rot or Burn Quest robot answers 1,2,3 level certification
    Source Images: Kibbles Gaming
    • Q1: Who is the reigning champion of the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament?
      • A1: 88 Degrees Bedrock
    • Q2: A microcrystalline unit should be connected to which component?
      • A2: Operating brake module
  9. After answering the questions, go ahead and interact with the last robot to initiate the fight. Once you have the Level 3 Certification, go ahead and interact with the locked gate.
  10. And then, keep moving further and you’ll find the second locked gate to Svarog’s base.
  11. Going near it will initiate a cut scene and then you’ll find yourself in the Rivet Town.
  12. There you’ll have to unlock the Storage Room gate and find Clara to move ahead in the To Rot or to Burn quest in Honkai Star Rail.
  13. So ahead and access the door by following the steps mentioned earlier, and you’ll find Clara.
  14. However, as soon as you do, an enemy will be ready to fight you.
  15. After done with the battle, Clara will run away, and you’ll have to catch up with her in Robot Settlement.
  16. Simply enter the door you unlocked earlier and interact with the Lift controller on your left.
  17. Once done, head near Clara and you’ll find more robots to fight.
  18. After you’re done with that, interact with Clara and help her fix the energy supply device.
  19. To repair it all you have to do is connect all the terminals and you’ll be good to go. For a better understanding, check out the puzzle image below.

    To Rot or Burn Quest Terminal Puzzle
    Source Image: Kibbles Gaming
  20. Next, simply follow Clara and she’ll take you to the Svarog’s base.
  21. You can enter the base, from the second locked gate you found in the Robot Settlement.
  22. Enter the base with Clara’s help and you’ll find Svarog waiting for you.
  23. Simply head near Svarog and after some dialogues, the battle will begin.
  24. Keep fighting until Clara stops you and then it’ll initiate a cutscene.
  25. Once it’s finished, learn about the truth by interacting with Svarog.
  26. After that go ahead and interact with Natasha to complete the To Rot or to Burn quest in Honkai Star Rail.
  27. Here are the rewards you’ll be getting to complete the Trailblazer quest.
    • The Seriousness of Breakfast
    • x1000 Trailblaze EXP
    • x5 Condensed Aether
    • Shadow of Destruction
    • x80 Stellar Jade
    • x10 Adventure Log

That covers all about how you can unlock the Storage Room gate and complete Rot or Burn Quest in Honkai Star Rail. If you are going to play more of this 5 Star character, then check out the ways to level up Trailblaze quickly in the game. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes to obtain free rewards.