Alan Wake 2 Shore Cult Stash Location & Solution

Wondering how to unlock the Shore Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2? Here’s all you will need.

Cult Stashes are like useful supply boxes and there are multiple located in the different regions in Alan Wake 2. Since each of them has a puzzle or a task behind it, unlocking them can be difficult. Early on in Alan Wake 2, players will come across the Shore Cult Stash but will be unable to reach the location or open it.

At that moment, it will be submerged under a body of flood water and you will have to wait for it to be submerged. After Chapter 2, the water will recede and you can head to the Cauldron Lake shore area to find this stash. As easy as it sounds, the Cult Stash is hidden behind fallen trees so it will be a little difficult to find. Luckily, the solution to the Cult Stash is a pretty simple one with a basic lock to unlock.

Alan Wake 2 Shore Cult Stash Location

How to Unlock Shore Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2
Image Source: Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Players can find the Shore Cult Stash on the beach where Saga and Casey first meet Alan. As mentioned earlier, you will have to wait for the water to recede and then look for a beaten path. A few broken trees lie between you and the Cult Stash so make your way through them while on the path and you will soon locate the Cult Stash there.

How to Unlock Shore Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2

The solution to the Shore Cult Stash is relatively simple with players having to follow the buttons that light up. Once you interact with the box, three buttons will light up in an order and you have to input them in the same order to unlock the box. The code is random and we found different solutions to the puzzle on different playthroughs. So simply keep your eyes on the button and you will get the solution easily.

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