How To Unlock Outfits And Change Clothes In Deathloop

Bored of progressing through the game in the same outfit? Time to Unlock new outfits and change into them.

In Deathloop you can dress Julianna and Colt in various different outfits. These outfits have a very unique appeal to them. It also adds a lot to the character’s appearance. In total there are 27 outfits in the game. Julianna has 13 outfits, while Colt gets 14 outfits. So let us take a look at how to Unlock Outfits and Changes Clothes in Deathloop.

How to Unlock Outfits in Deathloop

how to unlock outfits in deathloop

To Unlock Outfits you need to play as Julianna and hunt Colt. So whether you like it or not you will have to go online and hunt other players while protecting the loop. The faster you kill Colt the more hunter points you get. Which leads to an increase in your Hunter Rank.

As of now, the rewards seem to be random, so to unlock outfits you’ll have to keep playing until you get them all. You can check the Hunter Progression to get details about the challenges and your progress.

How to Change Clothes in Deathloop

These are the steps to change outfit:

  • From the main menu select the Loadout option.
  • Next, select the character whose clothes you wish to change.
  • Here select the Change Style option.
  • Now select the Clothes you wish to equip and wear them.

A thing to keep in mind is that these outfits only affect your game by changing how these characters look. You won’t get any stat boosts by wearing different outfits. No matter what you wear, in the end your survival comes down to your skills. So remember to do the basics like infusing your weapons, stocking up on Residuum, sacrificing unwanted items, etc. to help you progress in the game.

That covers everything you need to know about how to unlock and change outfits in Deathloop. Since you are interested in this game, don’t forget to check our guides on how to keep weapons and how to sacrifice gear to get more Residuum in Deathloop.