How To Sacrifice Gear In Deathloop – Get More Residuum

Are you running low on Residuum in Deathloop? Time to sacrifice your gear.

In Deathloop you lose everything at the start of the new morning or when you die thrice during a mission. As you progress through the game you acquire an ability that lets you retain them the next morning or even after death. Weapons, Slabs, and Trinkets can be kept for the next loops by infusing them. While this feature is neat, infusing isn’t free and requires you to spend Residuum which you find in the game. So in this guide let us see how to sacrifice gear and get more Residuum in Deathloop.

How to Sacrifice Gear in Deathloop

how to sacrifice gear in deathloop

In the loadout screen, you will find Infuse Gear tab. This new tab allows you to sacrifice 5 types of items. They are Slabs, Weapons, Slab Upgrades, Weapon Trinkets, and Character Trinkets. These are the steps to sacrifice:

  • On the main screen press the Triangle button and select Loadout.
  • Under Loadout select Infuse Gear.
  • Now, select the gear you wish to sacrifice and press the Square button.
  • Finally, move your cursor to the Sacrifice Items button on the bottom right side of the screen and press the X button to confirm sacrifice.

Once you do that, the gear is sacrificed and you will find more Residuum than what you had before sacrificing. You can use this Residuum to infuse items that you plan to keep. Remember there is a difference between sacrificing and dropping. When you sacrifice a gear you lose it. If you drop a gear that isn’t infused you lose it. And, if you drop an infused gear you can get it back.

How to Get More Residuum in Deathloop

The above steps teach you to sacrifice gear, you can use it to get more Residuum. Before the next day starts, be sure to sacrifice any gear you don’t plan on keeping, as it will give you Residuum in return. Another way to get more Residuum is by killing Visionaries. Upon killing them you receive a certain amount of Residuum.

And lastly, you can also absorb any visitor objects which are Residuum-infused. Although, this will unlock after you beat Wenjie. You can absorb them by interacting with them to acquire some Residuum.

That sums up this guide on how to sacrifice gear in Deathloop. Sacrificing gear won’t be available to you if don’t know how to infuse, luckily you can check it in our how to keep weapons in Deathloop guide.

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