How To Keep Weapons Between Loops In Deathloop By Using Infusion

Tired of losing all your weapons and slabs each time you die? Check out how to keep your weapons in Deathloop.

In Deathloop if you die thrice during a mission, you will wake up with everything gone. So that means all of the Weapons, Slabs, Trinkets, or Powers you managed to collect are gone. Although there is a way to not lose them. So in this guide let’s take a look at how to keep your weapons in Deathloop and use Infusion.

How to Keep your weapons in Deathloop

deathloop how to keep weapons

In order to keep your Weapons, Slabs, or Trinkets you will need to infuse them with Residuum. Before we see how to get Residuum, be warned that it contains spoilers for Dr. Wenjie Evan. Let’s check how to unlock Infusion.

How to Unlock and Get Infusion

Proceed to Dr. Wenjie’s Lab in The Complex. You will find the Lab open in the afternoon. Once you enter the Lab you will find Wenjie and discover that her quirk allows her to summon copies or versions of herself from different loops. In total there are 15 Wenjies in the Lab and you will have to defeat all of them. Just defeating her isn’t enough, you will also have to ensure that you manage to stay alive before the Cycle ends.

Upon Defeating Wenjie you can retrieve 10000 Residuum from her body. This will also unlock the ability to infuse. You can find this ability in a new tab called Infuse Gear.

How to Infuse

In the loadout screen, you will find Infuse Gear tab. This new tab allows you to upgrade 5 types of items. They are Slabs, Weapons, Slab Upgrades, Weapon Trinkets, and Character Trinkets. These are the steps to infuse:

  • On the main screen press the Triangle button and select Loadout.
  • Under Loadout select Infuse Gear.
  • Now, select the item you wish to infuse and press the X button.

Once you do that the item is infused and you will have them in your inventory even after you die. You will need Residuum to infuse items.

That sums up this guide on how to keep weapons in Deathloop. Is your game freezing? Here is what you need to know about Deathloop Freezing on PS5 and PC.