Deathloop Freezing On PS5 And PC: Is There A Fix?

Does Deathloop freeze during specific parts of the game? Here's everything you need to know.

PS5 and PC players of Deathloop are facing freezing issues especially at the section of the apartment. According to multiple posts by players, the game froze for about 20 seconds after the gunfight was started. During this, the music still played in the background. If this is similar to the issues you are encountering, here’s what you need to know.

Deathloop Freezing on PS5 and PC Fix?

Deathloop Freezing on PS5 and PC fix

It’s not just PS5 players but PC players are also getting this problem. People are getting up to 3 or 4 freezes while playing the apartment section and a couple of them during the library and tunnel section as well. But for others, the freezes didn’t appear again as they continued playing. As per multiple comments on Reddit, it seems that the issue seems to be baked into the game and is most likely not related to your configuration. PC players are facing stuttering and FPS dips when leaving the apartment but it does go back to normal after some time.

So, as of now, there is no official fix for Deathloop freezing issues on PS5 and PC. But since it goes back to normal after freezing, all we can suggest right now is to wait for some time. Until then, the developers will surely fix it in an upcoming patch. If the game freezes pretty badly and becomes unplayable, you can close the game and try again. You can also turn off your PS5/PC, restart and attempt to play again. Hopefully, these are just launch-related issues and they get ironed out soon.

That’s everything about Deathloop freezing issues that players are facing on PS5 and PC. If the game is crashing at startup on PC, we’ve got some potential fixes that you can try out. Plus, check out our guide on all the best weapons and weapon trinkets list and how does multiplayer work in Deathloop.