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What Is PvP Multiplayer Gameplay In Deathloop?

Here's all you need to know about Multiplayer in Deathloop.

Deathloop has a PvP coop multiplayer mode where you can join any other player’s game as Julianna and take out Colt. This is a pretty neat feature and essentially turns Deathloop into a PvPvE game. All of this might sound confusing at first, and you may want to know how to play this coop mode. You might want to know how to toggle these features off in your single-player game. So let’s look at how co-op multiplayer works in Deathloop.

Is there Co-Op Multiplayer Gameplay in Deathloop?

Yes, Deathloop supports Coop Multiplayer PvP mode, where you can invade another player’s game through matchmaking as Julianna. You will only have a single life, and you have to stop Colt from achieving his targets in a single run. So this is definitely not a PvE co-op mode, where the players unite together against the common AI enemies. But you try to stop each other before one kills the other.

Crossplay Multiplayer Deathloop PvP

How to Play Coop Crossplay Multiplayer in Deathloop?

To play Coop Multiplayer in Deathloop, you will have to go to the main menu and select the “Protect the Loop” option. This option will only be unlocked once you complete a good portion of the main story campaign. Also, keep in mind that there will be no crossplay supported between the PC and PS5 versions of the game. In order to keep the surprise element, players will not be aware if the opponent Julianna in their current run is an AI controller NPC or another player. You will only know this once one of you dies. So in short the player joining you is a total stranger and selected through the in-game matchmaking process.

If you are playing as Colt and you only wish someone from your friend list to invade your game then you can enable the “Friends Only” option from the in-game settings.  You can opt-out of multiplayer completely playing the game completely in the single-player mode is your preference. So your opponent Julianna will always be an AI-controlled NPC.

That’s everything you need to know about PvP multiplayer gameplay mode in Deathloop.  While you are here make sure to check out how to Fix Deathloop crashing while launching on your PC. Also, you can find out if your system specs are capable of running the best version of the game by going to this page right here.