Pikmin 4 Night Mode: How To Unlock (Night Expedition)

Check out this guide to know how you can unlock Night Mode and carry on expeditions in the dark in Pikmin 4.

Unlocking Night Mode in Pikmin 4, lets players carry on expeditions even after dark for the first time in the series. In these expeditions, players will have to defend a glowy structure called Lumiknoll on all the bases they have explored throughout the day in the game. Players will come across many creatures trying to attack the structure. Surviving and protecting the structure till the morning grants you another reward known as Glow Sap. Now if you are wondering what is and how exactly can you unlock the mode for your night missions, then check out this guide further and gather all the information.

How to Unlock Night Mode in Pikmin 4

night expeditions in pikmin 4

Players will have to first rescue Yonny the Rescue Corp’s Doctor to unlock night mode in Pikmin 4. He will be the 12th castaway including the leaflings that you will find in the game. You can rescue him from the final sublevel of the sixth underground cave in Sun Speckled Terrace. Players will then have to carry him back to SS Beagle where he will be officially rescued by you. Once done, you can talk to him about Leaflings and Glow Sap which will eventually unlock the mode in the game. On these expeditions, players can only take Glow Pikmins and Oatchi to defend the Lumiknolls. Glow Pikmins are not your regular pikmins and are created by the Lumiknoll itself.

As mentioned earlier, unlocking night mode and completing these expeditions will help you gather Glow Saps in Pikmin 4. These can then be used to turn Leaflings back to their normal forms in the game. The Glow Saps help shed all the leaves on the leaflings and recover them back. Once done, you will be rewarded with Pup Drive points in the game. You can use them to unlock and upgrade different skills for Oatchi.

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