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How To Get More Blue Pikmin In Pikmin 4

Blue Pikmin can help you get items from underwater, so check out how you can unlock it in Pikmin 4 easily.

Players must unlock the Blue Pikmin in the early stages of Pikmin 4. That’s because this creature is not scared of the water and can help you explore underwater areas easily. However, acquiring the Blue Pikmin is not as easy as unlocking the Red or Yellow ones. And there are a few upgrades you’ll need that are also quite a hassle to get. But don’t worry, below we have mentioned all the information you need to make the Blue Pikmin a part of your army.

How to Unlock Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4 (Blue Onion Location)

how to unlock blue pikmin in pikmin 4 blue onion location
Source Image: Kibbles Gaming

To unlock the Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4 you’ll need to retrieve the Blue Onion from the south side of the Sun Speckled Terrace map. Accessing it can be tricky as it’s sitting on an elevated level across a small pond guarded by a Blowhog. But you can reach it by following the method below.

  1. First, increase your Pikmin Capacity by farming 2 Flarlic and taking it to the Shepherd. Doing so will let you carry at least 40 Pikmin among which 30 will help you freeze the water and the rest of them will be your strength. One Flarlic is located on the north side of the Sun Speckled Terrace and the other one can be acquired via the Last Frost Cavern.
  2. Next, upgrade Oatchi’s Buff Skill to level 3 by spending 2 Pup Drive points. This will grant the hound strength of 10 Pikmin to transport items easily.

    freeze the water using 30 ice pikmin to unlock onion in Pikmin 4
    Source Image: Kibbles Gaming
  3. Now that you have the upgrades head to the Blue Onion location and use 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze water in the pond.
  4. Once done, move towards the left side and complete the climbing structure by using Pikmin & 15 Raw Materials.

    15 raw materials to complete the wall to climb to get the blue onion for blue pikmin in Pikmin 4
    Source Image: Kibbles Gaming
  5. After the wall is completed, you have to recall the Ice Pikmin and climb the wall before the ice melts. You need to be quick or else you and your army can drown.
  6. After climbing successfully, your loyal hound Oatchi will not climb and wait for you by the wall. Here half the process to unlock the Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4 is completed.
  7. Once you reach up you’ll see a Blowhog that you can defeat or ignore.
  8. And after that simply throw 10 Pikmin to retrieve the Blue Onion and drag it near the ledge.

    Oatchi to grab the onion push the item easily in Pikmin 4
    Source Image: Kibbles Gaming
  9. Then, again use 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze the water and call back the Oatchi to help you transport the Blue Onion quickly.
  10. After retrieving the onion take it to your base and start making a Blue Pikmin army easily.

That sums up how you can get Blue Onion to unlock Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4. To make the right use of the hound, then check out how to make Oatchi Swim in the game. Also, take a look at the steps to use Drone in Pikmin 4.

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