How to get additional costumes for Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2

Different costumes gives the players a fresh perspective to play the game and don their favourite out sifts as they go along the game story, different costumes give the player the opportunity to reflect their own personality onto the game and experience the game the way they want, and keeping this in mind Resident Evil 2 has given the players a closet full of costumes to choose from.

How to unlock the Classic Uniforms

This one is a given, in order to gain access to the classic costumes you will have to beat the game first, it does not depend on what difficulty setting you are on as long as you get the job done. Once you finish the game, you can don on these costumes from the original and reminisce of how time has changed and brought so many new things to the franchise yet manages to hold onto the aesthetic and the feel of the original name.

How to unlock Noir, Military, and other costumes

This is one of those things you wish you could achieve in the game but to get these costumes you will have to purchase the deluxe edition. Once purchased you’ll have to download the DLC content and though it you can get access to these new threads. These new clothes give the characters a new personality and you can have a bit of fun making your favourite character dress in unique and not seen before attires. The noir costumes make the characters look like detectives out of a 1940’s detective drama movie and the Sheriff costume gives Leon a Rick Grimes sort of appearance. Whereas you can give Claire the Elza Walker costume which could have possibly been her character.

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