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How to get access to Character Hunk and Tofu in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil has always been loyal to its fan base and has delivered some of the epic gameplay experiences throughout the series; one of the most fascinating gameplay aspects has been the ability to play with the Hunk and the beloved Tofu character in the game.

The fourth survivor aptly names as Hunk has always been shrouded in mystery and his appearance is what makes him unique, safely guarded behind a gas mask, the fourth survivor shows no fear and goes head first to fight zombies and other villains, and along with it another character that has stood the test of time is the Tofu. Tofu is as it sounds a block of food, running and fighting zombies with a police hat on. There isn’t much to describe these characters as doing so would only limit their awesomeness.

How to Unlock Hunk In Resident Evil 2

This one is pretty simple, as you need to do to unlock this character is complete both scenarios A and B playing either as Leon or Claire, thankfully there aren’t any added conditions to this as completing Resident Evil 2 is a somewhat of a big task in itself. Saying this is easier than doing because Resident Evil 2 will constantly keep you at the edge of your seat as you try completing the game.

How to Unlock Tofu In Resident Evil 2

A beloved character in the franchise, Tofu has many fans of itself alone and fans are always eager to play as Tofu. To unlock Tofu you will need to play The Fourth Survivor Mode as Hunk and upon completion, you will be awarded Tofu as a playable character. What makes this more interesting is that the Fourth Survivor Mode is very limiting when it comes to arms and ammunition so it makes the task that more challenging, be careful though the Tofu gameplay is one of the most difficult modes in the game and since you’ll be playing the game repeatedly you will also acquire a handsome knowledge of the entire map of the game, which is extremely important if you’re going to play as Tofu.

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