Sniper Elite 5 Kar98k: How To Unlock & Get It

Want to unlock and get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5? We have you covered.

Sniper Elite 5 has a plethora of Snipers, SMGs and Pistols that you will unlock throughout the game. In your quest to uncover and destroy the secret Nazi project ‘Project Kraken’, these weapons will be of great use as you progress to different Missions in the game. Kar98k or the Karabiner 98 is a type of Sniper Rifle that you will unlock. Let’s check out how to unlock and get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5.

How to Get Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5

Get Kar98k Sniper Elite 5

Friedrich Kummler is a part of Mission 2 kill list and you can unlock Kar98k by killing him. He has been stealing priceless French antiquities and fencing them in Paris to line his pockets. Kar98k will be unlocked only if you kill him by dropping the Chandelier on top of him.

How to Find Friedrich Kummler

Here’s how you can find Friedrich Kummler –

  • Enter the Occupied Residence region through the Chateau Interior.
  • Take a left and move past the humming German Infantry quietly.
  • Climb up the vinery and head to the roof of the Chateau Estate.
  • Take a left as you reach the roof and keep walking quietly. You will hear the German Infantry talking.
  • There will be an entrance straight on which leads inside.
  • Take the entrance and take a right to go down the stairs.
  • As you get down to the first floor go through the doors in front of you of what looks like a bar.
  • You will have reached the first floor of the Ballroom and will notice the Chandelier on the ceiling.
  • Friedrich will be on the floor below you speaking.
  • Move to the right and you will notice the option to ‘Sabotage Chandelier’.
  • Watch the scene unfold below and wait for Friedrich to come under the Chandelier and then Sabotage it.

Friedrich will be dead and you will have unlocked the Kar98k Sniper Rifle. Don’t remain standing there get out before the other guards find you.

If you approach this mission from the other side you can wait for the scene to unfold then shoot down the Chandelier and then go all guns blazing on the rest of the guards.

Sniper Elite 5 Kar98k Not Unlocking (Fix?)

There have been player complaints for the game where they can’t unlock Kar98k in Sniper Elite 5 even after killing Friedrich with the Chandelier. It was due to a bug in the game that didn’t reward the players with the Kar98k.

The bug has been fixed since then but if you are still facing the problem try restarting the game. Also make sure that it is the Chandelier that you are shooting and nothing else. That should fix the Sniper Elite 5 Kar98k not unlocking issue.

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