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How To Unlock K-9000 In Far Cry 6 – Get Iron Dog Amigo

K-9000 is in Far Cry 6 and here is how you can get him.

Far Cry 6 can be a merciless game sometimes and you will need a companion. You’re in luck as Far Cry 6 has these companions known as Amigos. Each Amigo is unique and performs well in different scenarios. One such Amigo is the K-9000. Today I will explain how you can get K-9000 in Far Cry 6.


How to unlock K-9000 in Far Cry 6

k-9000 in fc6

K-9000 is one of the coolest looking Amigo in Far Cry 6 in my opinion. He gives out Terminator Vibes which is awesome. K-9000 is a dog that is made out of metal, this gives him resistance to Bullet Damage and immunity to Fire Damage & Poison Damage. He is one of the two currently available Amigos that can be unlocked from the DLCs, the other one being Champagne. To get K-9000, you will have to get the Blood Dragon Set from the Gold or Ultimate Editions of Far Cry 6. Once you have the DLC, you will have him unlocked.

What are K-9000’s abilities?

K-9000 is man’s best friend, even if you are a Terminator Robo-Dog from the future that has come to annihilate the human race. He is surprisingly friendly, Chicharron can take some notes. K-9000 abilities are all based on disarming enemies and their techs like Alarms and Tripwires. This comes in handy when you want to get in the locations undetected or avoid the enemies from having a backup. K-9000 has three abilities that can be unlocked, they are:

  • Enhance: K-9000 can tag Turrets, Security Cameras, Tripwires, and Alarms.
  • Enhance!!!: With Advanced Targeting Systems, attacks against tagged enemies deal more damage.
  • Termination Protocol: K-9000 explodes on death, dealing AoE damage. How Noble!

K-9000 is one of the best Amigos you can take along for stealth missions as you can gain a lot of info and takedown enemies very easily. This was all on getting K-9000 in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in getting your very own Iron-Dog. You can also check out our guides on Boom Boom and Guapo in Far Cry 6.