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Where To Find Boom Boom In Far Cry 6 (Boomer Amigo Location)

In this guide you'll learn how to locate Boom Boom, get him as an amigo and use him in Far Cry 6.

Boom Boom is among the seven animal companions aka “amigos” in Far Cry 6. Compared to the other amigos, boom boom is rather mysterious to locate. In this guide, we’ll walk through how you can get Boom Boom as we point out his location in Far Cry 6.

Where is Boom Boom Location in Far Cry 6?


boom boom

Boom Boom aka Boomer the dog can be found in the light blue Mckay shipment container inside the rail shipment shed in the southwest region of Feroza in Valle De Oro location in Far Cry 6. Here’s a more detailed way to get him in-game.

  • After you finish meeting Maximas Matanzas and ensuring they’re safe, the mission ends and Camp Maximas becomes accessible.
  • Once you head there, locate the shed and next to it you’ll find a pillar with a tattered note.
  • Here you’ll read about some Shipments arriving from the United States about possible arms and ammunition amidst phantom barking noises.
  • This is the beginning of the Yaran story “Boom or Bust”
  • Furthermore, from here, you’re prompted towards a town called “Feroza” just north of your location.
  • Here you need to find a lost weapon shipment.
  • Boomer is in one of these “light blue McKay” shipping containers.
  • You’ll find all containers in the southwest region of Feroza
  • Most of these containers are decoys and may contain jewelry boxes and other scraps.
  • The one you’re looking for is inside a rail shipment shed sitting on top of the platform.
  • You’ll already hear barking noises from this container.
  • On the side, you’ll find a note that talks about payments being stopped and the shipment being a “great deal”.
  • Slash the lock or shoot it and inside you’ll find a rather calm boom boom walking out.
  • Dani affirms that he wants the dog and further asks Juan about it.
  • Additionally, as if we didn’t see it coming, Dani just “randomly” names the dog Boom Boom.
  • Dani and Juan will now engage in a dialogue.
  • Furthermore, this dialogue’s end also completes the Boom or Bust Yaran story.
  • Finally, now all you need to do is pet Boom Boom.
  • Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked Boom Boom as an Amigo.
  • If you wish to know more about Boom Boom, we’ve mentioned it below.


Boomer in FC6



Yes! Boom Boom is Boomer from Far Cry 5’s fangs for hire. The game has done well with the easter egg here. Inside the container, once you find Boom Boom, you’ll find another note. This all but confirms the easter egg as well as Boom Boom’s origins. Boom Boom is none other than Boomer the dog from Montana who has been shipped to Yara on the superstitious “getting even with the monkey God” thought as written in the note by Emilia. To think he has only survived on rich-person dog food inside a closed container for several days. Moreover, did anyone notice how calm the good boy was?

Boom Boom Attacks, Stats and Abilities FC6

boom boom abilities

Boom Boom isn’t really the best amigo as far as stats are concerned. As an amigo, boom boom is much more docile than his other amigo counterparts. Here’s all that Boom Boom can do in Far Cry 6.


  • Pointer: Get Boom Boom to collect resources from 10 dead bodies. Now he can mark enemy locations and prepare you for an encounter.
  • Expert Tracker: Tag 24 animals with Boom Boom to track and tag targets from a distance.
  • Thick Coat: Tag 50 enemies with Boom Boom to unlock his ability to withstand more damage.

That’s pretty much all there is to find Boom Boom’s location and what he’s capable of in FC6. If you like Boom Boom in Far Cry 6 and enjoyed the easter egg, consider checking out the other amigos in Far Cry 6.