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Final Fantasy XIV: How To Unlock The Island Sanctuary

Here is how you can unlock the Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14.

One of the many things that patch 6.2 of FFXIV brings is the Island Sanctuary, which you will first need to unlock. This feature lets you customize your island as per your taste. There are even many activities that you can do here like collecting resources and materials, crafting items, farming, and more. But while you may not get to access it right away, unlocking it isn’t very tough. So in this guide let us check how to unlock the Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV, and how to leave it.

How to Unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

final fantasy xiv unlock island sanctuary
Image Credit: Sora Kai on YouTube

You can unlock the Island Sanctuary by accepting the quest Seeking Sanctuary. The only other main prerequisites for it are that you have to complete the main quest “Endwalker”. And you should also be minimum level 1, and any level above it works even better. Here is you unlock it:

  1. Go to the following coordinates in Old Sharlayan.
    • X: 11.9
    • Y: 11.0
  2. Here, talk to the NPC Clueless Crier.
  3. Upon interacting with him, he will give you the quest Seeking Sanctuary. Click on Accept.
  4. After the quest starts go to Moraby Drydocks. This is located in Lower La Nosecea.
  5. Go to these coordinates.
    • X: 24.9
    • Y: 34.8
  6. Here, talk to Baldin.
  7. He will ask where you want to go, here select Travel to my island.
  8. This will bring up a confirmation popup that says “Travel to your island?”. Choose Yes.
  9. It will now play a cutscene where you can see your character on a ship going to the island.
  10. After the cutscene, you will reach the island.

How to Leave the Island Sanctuary

Don’t worry once you reach the island you won’t be stuck there. You can exit the island by interacting with the boat and selecting to return. You can find the boat at the coordinates roughly at X: 9.1 and Y: 28.5.

That covers this guide on how to unlock the Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV and how to leave it. You should check our guide on how to get islander’s cowries, it is one of the currencies used on this island. And if you want to learn about the new things that came with patch 6.2 of the game then check our guides on how to get Ultralight Tomestones and how to get the Sunforged Crystal.