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High On Life Secret Ending: How To Unlock & Get

Looking to unravel a secret? Check out our guide on how to unlock and get the Secret ending in High on Life.

Coming from the Co-creator of Rick and Morty, High On Life has a plethora of easter eggs and things you can miss. This includes a secret ending that is hidden away from players. Upon discovering this ending, you get a small tease for the potential sequel. Furthermore, you also get an achievement or trophy for getting to this secret end. But how to unlock this ending? Check out our guide on how to unlock and get the Secret ending in High on Life to find out.


How to Unlock & Get Secret Ending in High on Life

You can find this secret ending behind a hidden door on top of the platforms in Unknown Sector or Human Haven. But for that, you need to get the Human Haven keycard from Clugg’s Office in Nova Sanctus. Also, note that you can get this secret ending only once you defeat the Garmantous boss.

Follow the below steps to unlock and get this secret ending in High on Life:

  • Firstly, use the Bounty Machine or Bounty-5000 machine in your living room.
  • From there, hit the second tab and select Nova Sanctus.
  • Then, select Clugg’s Office and pass through the Portal to reach there.
  • You will find the keycard for Human Haven on his Desk. Pick up the keycard and head back home.
  • You have to use the Bounty machine, again. But this time, select the Unknown Sector and head to the Human Haven.
  • In the middle of Human Haven, you will find a signboard that reads Do Not Climb. Contrary to the rules, climb and head upwards to find the hidden door.
  • You can use the Jetpack to head upwards taking the support of the platforms.
  • Keep on heading upwards until you see a door surrounded by red lights.
  • Over there, you will come across a door that reads No Trespassing. You can use the keycard to enter the secret door.
high on Life get secret ending
Image Source – Hollow on YouTube.
  • As you walk through the door inside, you will find a tunnel and a spinning fan to the right. You need to freeze the fan and drop downwards.
  • Then, you need to stop another spinning fan to your right to get to the secret ending.
high on Life get secret ending
Image Source – Babyzone on YouTube.

While we won’t spoil any details, the secret ending is a teaser for the sequel of High on Life. You also get an achievement or Trophy named Sequel Bait for unlocking this secret ending. Interestingly, we might be getting a sequel in the future. But for that, we will have to keep our eyes peeled for any announcements from Squanch Games.


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