Roblox Fruit Warriors: How To Unlock Geppo

Here's a quick guide on how to unlock Geppo in Fruit Warriors.

Fruit Warriors is the newest hyped game you can play on Roblox right now. Inspired by One Piece, players embark on a quest to become the strongest warrior the land has ever seen. The game is home to a vast land filled with adventure around every turn and fun missions that test your skills. One skill that new players seem to miss out on is Geppo and we are here to help out. Here’s a quick guide on how to get Geppo in Fruit Warriors.

How to Get Geppo in Fruit Warriors

how to unlock gappo in fruit warriors

Once you spawn into the game on Starter Island, use a ship and make your way to Snow Island. This mysterious island is covered with a layer of fog and is home to the famed Geppo Teacher. Make your way to the top of the island, you can use the elevator on the left of the dock. The Geppo Teacher stands waiting in a corner on the top for players who wish to master his technique. But like all good things in life, he demands a price for players. Players will need to have 100 Stamina and pay the teacher 50,000 Beli to learn Geppo.

Reaching 100 Stamina can be done by simply exploring and playing the game for some time. The real challenge is acquiring 50,00 Beli. Players will have to loot, trade, and defeat enemies and bosses in order to earn the Beli required. Once you have all the required Beli and Stamina, talk to the teacher and unlock Geppo. With Geppo you can now jump while you are in the air, giving you all new ways to travel and explore. Geppo is also extremely useful in combat against any type of enemy in the game thanks to the unique moves now possible to execute. Geppo can also be used to reach parts of the map that most players will not have access to, some of these spots have rewards and chests that require Geppo to reach.

And that’s how you can unlock Geppo in Fruit Warriors. Check out our guide on How to get the Devil Fruit in Fruit Warriors and Fruit Warriors Codes here on Gamer Tweak.