Fruit Warriors Devil Fruit: How To Get It

Check out this guide that features the ways to get a Devil Fruit in Fruit Warriors.

Are you looking to obtain the Devil Fruit in Fruit Warriors? Thankfully, you have just arrived at the right place. Fruit Warriors is a Roblox experience developed by Content Pioneers Studio. It is heavily inspired by the popular Manga and Anime, One Piece. Wherein, you will encounter several enemies while traveling between distant regions across the sea. In the meanwhile, you will also be encountering some of the ghastliest enemies. In such instances, it is necessary that you have the best fruit equipped. Luckily, the Devil Fruit is one such item that can buff your abilities significantly. That being said, here’s everything you should know.

How to Get Devil Fruits in Fruit Warriors

You can either collect a Devil Fruit by locating it on a random spawn location. Or else, you can purchase it from a Fruit Merchant by spending a few Beli (in-game currency).

How to Get Devil Fruits in Fruit Warriors

Locating a Devil Fruit by exploring the map sounds like a hectic job to do in Fruit Warriors. However, with a help of a Fruit Notifier, you can locate any Fruit without putting any effort. A Fruit Notifier can be bought from the Shop by paying 2599R$ Beli. Whenever a Fruit will spawn in a Server, you will be notified about it through this item. Moreover, it will also let you know how far you are exactly from the spawned fruit. So, you can easily collect a Devil Fruit with the help of a Fruit Notifier. Although, you won’t be notified about the Fruit if you enter the Server after it spawns.

Besides that, another way to obtain the Devil Fruit is by purchasing it. There are Fruit Merchants located in Starter Island, Snow Island, and Alabasta. Hence, you can frequently head to these locations & check if the Devil Fruit is available for purchase.

That covers all the ways through which you can get a Devil Fruit in Fruit Warriors. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guide on Fruit Warriors Codes right here on Gamer Tweak.