How To Fast Travel In The Division 2

Teleport From Region To Region

You can Fast Travel In Division 2 to any new unlock location or existing map place. You can use Fast Travel to reach Base of Operations i.e. White House, Settlements like Theater, Campus, Castle, etc and during Main Missions. Only completed mission will allow you to use Fast Travel, some Control Points in the game will unlock Fast Travel Point in the game so keep looking around.

How To Fast Travel – Controls

Open Division Map and move the cursor to the location you want to travel. Remember to pick Missions you had completed, Settlements, Base of Operation or a Control Point. Look on the bottom left of the screen for Fast Travel key. For console it is Square. Press the key to travel to the point instantly.

It will save your time from carelessly wandering on unsafe streets. Fast Travel point is time saver to play and win matches fast, it is a basic step but highly helpful and valuable while playing The Division 2.

Important thing to do in The Division 2 is to unlock Crafting at the beginning. The processes is simple, find Inaya and recruit here, she is at the theater. Dark Zones are locked at the beginning, these are the place where you will find tougher enemies and the best look in The Division 2. If you had till now not visited the region then read our guide – How to Unlock Dark Zones.

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