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How To Unlock Elite Heroic Hives In Marvel’s Avengers

Here's a complete guide explaining how to get Elite Heroic Hives unlocked in Marvel's Avengers.

Are you finding it hard to unlock Elite Heroic Hives in Marvel’s Avengers? If your answer is ‘YES’ then in this guide we will explain how to get Elite Heroic Hives in the simplest way possible. During multiple Mission Chains in the multiplayer component of Marvel’s Avengers, you will have to encounter Hive mission.

How To Unlock Elite Heroic Hives In Marvel’s Avengers

How To Unlock Elite Heroic Hives

Getting Elite Heroic Hives unlocked is not easy. In order to unlock it, you need to complete the entirely not only the single-player campaign but also a ton of various objectives with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

When you are in-game, open the objective tab in the main menu and look for Missions. There are assignments and challenges but they are not related to the progression of the ongoing story. What all you have to do is to keep a close eye on the Avengers Initiative mission chain. It has 9 different steps and each step throws various objectives and challenges that need to be completed by you.

The last and 9th step of Avengers Initiative Mission Chain is The Elite Hive, which is called Step 0: Avengers Forever. When you get there, it will assign you a task to complete the Last Avengers Standing mission chain, where you will be able to unlock Elite Heroic Hives.

In order to reach Step 9, you will have to complete every HARM Room challenge for each character, every Iconic Character chain, all of the faction mission chains. Basically, it is the ultimate challenge of the multiplayer component, so you are required to complete almost all other multiplayer content to get Elite Heroic Hives unlocked in Marvel’s Avengers.