Has Loki Become The God Of Stories In The MCU?

What are your thoughts about Loki Season 2 Finale? Do you think he has transformed into the God of Stories too? Here’s our take on this.

There are major spoilers related to the final episode of Loki Season 2 ahead. So if you want to enjoy this article and understand all the references, go and complete the series first.

The Season Finale of Loki Season 2 has transformed Tom Hiddleston’s Loki into one of the strongest beings in the entire MCU. It showcases how the God of Mischief holds and revives all the dead branches and takes his place at the end of the time, in a Cosmic Abyss. Such an incredible feat can only be achieved by someone who possesses free will over Space, Time, and Reality.

In the Comics, the God of Stories is the variant of Loki who has what it takes to bend down all of the reality. And with what is shown in the final episode, it seems that Loki has become the God of Stories in the MCU. And in this article, that’s what we are going to talk about.

God of Stories Explained (At a Glance)

God of Stories is one of the character arcs introduced by Marvel Comics the original Loki gained massive popularity. This version of Loki is capable of moving through Time and the Multiverse for the greater good. He is so powerful that even Old King Thor would fall short in front of him. That’s because everything the God of Stories says becomes a reality.

God of Stories Loki
Image Source: Marvel

He can see through different Multiverse and reshape the story in whichever way he wants. He can make Thor believe that he is not worthy of wielding Mjolnir just by saying a couple of words. His incredible powers even has the ‘Those Who Sit Above In Shadow’ scared of him.

Is MCU Loki the God of Stories from Comics?

Coming down to the real question, is God of Stories official in the MCU? Well, the straightforward answer to that would be a NO. Several people have confused Tom’s Loki with the God of Stories because of the certain similarities they share. There’s a very thin line that makes both of these Gods different from one another.

Has Loki Become The God Of Stories In The MCU?
Image Source: Marvel

MCU’s Loki and the God of Stories both exist outside Space and Time. Both of them can peek through the different Multiverse and Time Travel but God of Stories can do it more effectively. I mean, our Loki has no intention or knowledge (yet) to control Reality.

So we can’t technically say that MCU’s Loki is based on God of Stories. However, he is actually the Prime version of himself in that Universe.

Considering there is so much more left to the Multiverse Saga, it is still unsure what way Loki’s future will swing into. But for now, all we can do is wait until the next major MCU Project drops.

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