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How To Unlock Displacer Beast In BG3?

Displacer Beast is one of the Mind-flayer type power in BG3 which grants you with good strenght and is also good for exploration.

Displacer Beast in BG3 comes with 85 hit points and it can displace itself and enemies. Also when you take the form of Displacer Beast you take its attributes but maintain your intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores. Having this beast in the handle can help you to deal with an ambush. To unlock Displacer Beast in Baldur’s Gate 3 you will have to acquire an item and then unlock different Illithid Powers. This guide will help you in this process.

How To Get Displacer Beast?

BG3 Illithid Power Tree

Displacer Beast is part of the Illithid Powers Tier 3 system. You will have to consume Tadpoles in a particular manner to get to this power. Illithid Powers falls in the area of your mind evolution.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Illithid Powers Ranked (& Consequences)

There are different tiers in the Illithid Power skill tree. Check the above guide to get the list of all powers in Illithid Powers and some tips to unlock them. Displacer Beast will be available after Act 2 of Baldu’r Gate 3. You will have to locate Tadpoles and consume them to unlock the outer region of the brain menu.

Your companions will not be in favor of this decision, so use persuasion here to use the tadpole’s power. Your next task is to locate all the tadpoles and unlock new skills in the brain menu. There in total 25 power mind-flayer-type abilities in this skill tree. There are five branches and you just need to unlock one to move to the other branch

Where to find Tadpoles in BG3?

BG3 Mind Flayer Parasite

There are over 40+ Tadpoles in all Acts of BG3, they are kept in some pot and marked as Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen. Below are some coordinates where you can find Tadpoles easily. Some are available in barrels, and in settlements, while some will be part of the conversation.

BG3 Tadpole’s Location Co-ordinates:

  • X139, Y444 (Act 1)
  • X33, Y594 (Act 1)
  • X445, Y-17 (Act 1)
  • X297, Y-12 (Act 1)
  • X:628, Y: -92 (Act 2)
  • X: -223, Y: 105 (Act 3)
  • X: -211, Y: 135 (Act 3)
  • X-30, Y-116 (Act 3)
  • X-715, Y882 (Act 3)
  • X-8, Y-91 (Act 3)
  • X-207, Y-87 (Act 3)
  • X-92, Y-91 (Act 3)

You can also pick not to use Tadpoles, to know what happens check our guide on Tadpole Consumption. As there are a lot of skills in the brain menu here is a list of the best Illithid Powers you must unlock in BG3.