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How to Unlock Bridges Cap in Death Stranding

Do not miss this cool cap

Do you want to make Sam look cooler in Death Stranding then here you can pull out a free Bridges Cap for him. This cool looking cap is unlocked through an simple delivery order, but you will need bike for that and a route that is blocked by Mules and BT’s.  In this guide you can learn about the route as well you can find the exact way to unlock the Bridges Cap for Sam in Death Stranding.

How to unlock the Cap

At Distribution Center accept the order to deliver Cryptobiote to Capital Knot City which is quiet a far away. You have to deliver this parcel under 30 minutes and if you have a bike then you can do that in 5 minutes. But you will need to use the route where you can skip Mules fast and avoid all BT’s. There is nothing worry you can follow my route to reach Capital Knot City under 5 minutes, complete order 13 which is marked as urgent and grab the free hot looking cap.

You will win if you can drive fast and avoid rocks. Do not crash into anything just keep riding and you have to take the right turn to avoid the BT territory. I had stuck at this placed number of time pulled into the void and loosing bike. But if you want to play safe then Save the Game First, which can be done through the Cuff Link by pressing Options key. Next you will need bike and if you had yet not found then read our guide how to unlock bike in Death Stranding.

Manually save game first from the safest point so that you don’t have to travel all the way from Distribution Center. Follow the route I had used in this video and you will be in Capital Knot City within 5 minutes. Deliver the order and grab your reward.