How To Manually Save Game in Death Stranding

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Death Stranding can be tiring sometimes, by trying to save yourself from falling with the cargo sometime a little stretch is needed to relief your fingers. Here you can save the game anytime you want, yes Death Stranding has a feature where you can manually save game and continue back from the last saved point. And you can save game anytime. Read our guide to know more.

How to Manually Save Game

By default the game saves whenever you interact with a terminal, that is the regular save game feature of Death Stranding. But if you want to manually save the game and continue back again from the last position then you have to do the following.


Assume you are carrying a lot of cargo and dealing with BT’s but you want a break. Before engaging into any fight just walk slowly to an safe location and hold Circle to Rest. Sam will sleep on the spot sitting down on the ground. This will restore his energy and also Save the game. You can create multiple save games like this and load the game back using your Cuff Link by going into the System Menu.

Saving from Options Menu: Cuff Link

Next and the most fastest way to manually save game in Death Stranding is by pressing the Option button and going to System Menu on the left using D-pad. In System hit Save and the save the progress. To start the game from last position go to Load and pick the latest save.

By resting you can save your game from any location at any point. This is highly helpful when you are planning for exploring region or entering into a fight with Mule. Without losing your progress you can begin back from the last best point by loading the Save Game through System menu in the Cuff Link. Press Options button to load the Map and then pres D-pad Left to navigate to the menu on left.