How To Unlock Bike in Death Stranding

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Bike will be of great help in Death Stranding, during the beginning in the cutscene you will see Sam drops it off the clip. Fortunately it comes back later, for this you have to complete some deliveries and in this Death Stranding vehicle guide you can learn how to unlock Bike. Remember try to drive it on flat surface it can get damage by riding it on rocks and you have to park in the garage. Get all your answers regarding bikes in Death Stranding in this guide.

How to Unlock Bike

Complete Delivery of Waystation West of Capital Knot city, you will get another order for Distribution Center. But before you have to construct a Post Box and then you can head to the Distribution Center. When you reach the building do not try to cross the water, scan first it in deep river. Walk towards where water is shallow and cross it. Enter the Distribution Center deliver your cargo and connect the Center with Chiral Network.

Rest in Private Room for a while and continue to the terminal for the next order. You will get task to recover Chiral Printer Interface from Mules. This is an simple stealth based objective where you have to quietly walk into the camp and retrieve the interface. Using a Watchtower you can instant get the exact location or you can also watch the video below.

Carry the Chiral Printer Interface back to the Distribution center and check outside. You will unlock the bike here. But you cannot use it because, because you have to complete another task of collecting Chiral Crystals and return back to the Distribution center. Interact with Terminal and choose Recycle to recycle the crystals. After this you will get two more orders.

  1. Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm
  2. Construction: Bridge

When you complete these two order you will unlock Charging Station structure, return back to the Distribution center and construct a Charging Station by pressing the D-pad right to launch Equipment Hud. From there you have to select PCC and construct the Charging Station near the bike at the Distribution center to use it.

The bike has limited Durability, once damage it will stop working, so you will need to repair it at the Garage. Want to know how to repair bike then read our wallkthrough along with a video on how to fix bike in Death Stranding.