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How to Repair Bike in Death Stranding – Restore 100% Durability & Battery

Fix your Ride

Bike is your best ally in Death Stranding, you can ride it almost anywhere. On rock, rivers, etc. But remember the more rough terrain the more battery and damage it will take. After taking out max damage the bike will stop working, if you are struggling to fix your bike then this guide if for you. I will show you how to recharge your bike to fullest and get 100% durability before you head to your next expedition. It is quiet important to find the Garage in the game and it is extremely easy, right in front of the eyes. You can also directly submit your cargo from the bike, just park it near the terminal. I had done multiple delivers with the help of vehicle, so repairing is quiet necessary. Till yet if you had not able to find bike then here is an Death Stranding Walkthrough on how to find bike with an video. But if you have already gone the ride then lets proceed with its fix.

Where is Garage in Death Stranding?


Garage is an building with the Elevator, the same building where you will rest, drop off your delivers, etc. There particularly single Bridges building from where you will take orders and drop delivers, go to Fabricated Menu to craft items and recycle used containers. Also you can access your private rooms from here, the default terminal. When you choose to go to Private Room, a elevator will take you underground, the same is used to store your vehicle.

So here is what you have to do, enter any building the main on in Distribution Center, or the one is Capital Knot City where you will get your first order Park your bike right exactly over the round elevator and then interact with the Delivery Terminal.

Go to Garage and choose Store Vehicle. That’s it in a small cutscene you will see the bike goes down. Interact with the terminal by pressing Square and retrieve the vehicle in best condition. It is very important to fix the bike at every Delivery Terminal, you can load a good amount of cargo and supplies on it. Till yet it is the best vehicle in Death Stranding.


How to charge Bike in Death Stranding?

There are three ways to charge bike in Death Stranding, one of the most common is building a Generator. You will unlock this at after connecting Wind farm to the Chiral Network. The delivery order for this task will be given at the Distribution Center. Interact with Delivery Terminal to go to Fabricate Item Menu. Choose PCC and then go outside the building in a open area, Press D-pad right to choose PCC from the Equipment Menu.


Use the Down-pad to switch between structures and pick a Generator. Park the bike near it and the battery will be charge. Bike’s battery also auto-charge if it is standing below a sun. The second way is to park it at the charging station on primary delivery locations like Capital Knot City or Port Knot City. There are charging stations outside on various locations.