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How to Unlock Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades?

Guide on how to get the latest Twin Fists of Malphon's Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades?

In Hades, the final hidden aspect is the Aspect of Gilgamesh. It is the fourth aspect for Twin Fists of Malphon weapon and unlocking this is tricky. To make things easier in this guide you can learn step by step methods on how to get the final aspect in Hades. It is not tough but you have to complete certain requirements and you will be able to have your hands on the final aspect. So let’s begin.


How to Unlock Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades?

There are around 6 steps to unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades. I am going to break this guide on all six important steps. Follow them in sequence and you will grab the reward in the end.

1. How to unlock Twin Fist of Malphon in Hades?

The starting step is to unlock the Twin Fist of Malphon in Hades. You can unlock the Fist with 8 Chthonic keys. The keys are one of the many currencies in the game. Like Titan Blood, which is rare and is only used for upgrading weapons. Chthonic Keys allows Zagreus to unlock additional upgrades of choices at Mirror of Night. You can also unlock additional infernal arms using the key, but the first objective is to unlock the Twin Fist of Malphon in Hades.

2. How to unlock Fated List in Hades?

The second step is to unlock the Fated List. Find the House Contractor and purchase it. He is located in the main hall of the House of Hades. You can purchase items from the House Contractor by paying through Gemstones and Diamonds. He sells various furnishing that acts as key assistance in escaping.


3. How to unlock Aspects in Hades?

Unlock a minimum of 5 Infernal Arms Aspects to proceed to the next step of unlocking Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades. You can experiment with different weapons in this category. Like the Stygian Blade that is unlocked by default. There is Heart-Seeking Bow or Shield of Chaos on the list.

4. How to unlock The Spear Of Guan-Yu in Hades?

Talk to Achilles after unlocking 5 aspects and fighting the final boss in Hades. You just have to battle with the boss once, it is not necessary to defeat him. Find Achilles and he will offer you a code phrase. Carry that info to Varatha the Eternal Speaker to unlock Aspect of Guan-Yu.

4. What is feeding Blood to the Fists in Hades?


The next thing after unlocking the Eternal Spear is feeding Titan Blood to the Fists. Titan Blood is a rare currency in Hades and must be used wisely. It is dropped in Boss fights and used for upgrading weapons. Feeding blood to the Fists is unlocking new aspects in the category. So use it wisely, refer the link to know how to farm Titan Blood in Hades.

5. How to find Asterius in Hades?

The last and final thing to do is finding Asterius in Hades. He is one of the two bosses in Elysium. A bull-headed demi-human boss who is recruited by Hades to block your escape. He can appear as a mini-boss at the start, but later you can deal with a stronger one. Search for doors with skulls in Elysium and talk to him while wielding Twin Fists.

You will have to deal with the boss multiple times to unlock his story, and in the end, you will get a code phrase. Speak it to the Twin first to unlock the weapon Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades.