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How To Unlock Alchemist Class In Remnant 2

Alchemist is the support class that can benefit the party members in Remnant II.

Alchemist is one of the hidden Archetypes/classes that you can unlock in Remnant 2. This is the support class that can help the allies in various ways such as by providing them with boosts. However, accessing Archetypes is different than unlocking the regular ones. For this, you have to do a task in order to unlock the special class crafting material. Doing so can be tricky but don’t worry, you can also take help from your teammates. So if you’re up for the challenge then below you’ll find all the details you need to access the Alchemist class easily.

How to Get Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2

To unlock the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2, you’ll need to take the Mysterious Stone to Wallace. This special item is obtained by defeating the Bone Collector located in Losomn. Players can only find this enemy by standing in front of the broken sewer grates of the city. If you’re having trouble with the process then scroll down for detailed steps.

  1. First, go to Losomn in any difficulty mode.
  2. Next, explore the City and look for broken sewer grates.

    sewer grates to find bone collector in remnant 2 stone for support class
    Source Image: Esoterickk
  3. After you find one, stand in front of it and it’ll trigger a cutscene of you getting captured by the monster.
  4. Then, you’ll wake up in the Bone Collector’s Domain.
  5. Here you’ll have to defeat the Bone Collector.

    how to unlock Alchemist Archetype class in Remnant 2
    Source Image: Esoterickk
  6. Once done, it’ll drop a Mysterious Stone that you have to take to Wallace in Ward 13. After you have the item, you’re half done with the process to unlock the Alchemist class in Remnant 2.
  7. There choose the I’d like to see what you can craft option.

    find Wallace in Ward 13 to craft Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2
    Source Image: Esoterickk
  8. Then pay 10 Lumenite Crystals & 1000 Scraps to craft and unlock the Alchemist subclass.

Do note, this method only works if you interact with the sewer grates in the city. Interacting with the ones in the sewer or palace will take you to some other domain. And defeating the Bone Collector there will drop a Drakestone Pearl ring & Academic’s Overcoat armor, but not the Mysterious Stone in Remnant II.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Alchemist Archetype / Class in Remnant 2. If you haven’t unlocked the Gunslinger & Handler class then check out how you can do it easily. Also, take a look at the steps to change Archetypes in the game.