How to Unlock Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits

The Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits are the best way to earn fragments and awaken fruits. These are the level-ups of the Raids, bringing more challenges to the game. There are two types of Advance Raids, Phoenix, and Dough, which are classified hard in the difficulty level. Unlike the other normal raids, you need to fulfill requirements and then meet the Mysterious or Sick scientist to get the chip. Follow along with this guide to find out how to unlock Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits.

How to Unlock Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits

Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits
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Advanced Raids, can be obtained by purchasing a Microchip from the Mysterious Scientist, Sick Scientist, or Cake Scientist depending upon the type. Also, according to the type of advanced raid, you need to either spend fragments or complete a quest.

As mentioned earlier, there are two Advanced raids; Phoenix and Dough. Now, before heading to purchase the chip, you must first meet certain requirements and complete a quest to obtain the fruit. Here, you need to have 400 and above level mastery to fulfill the requirement in the game to unlock the Advanced raids.

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The Phoenix is easier to unlock than the Dough. To unlock this, you need to purchase a chip from the Mysterious Scientist or the Sick Scientist for either 1,000 Fragments or any other physical fruit worth more than $1,000,000, value. We would recommend you to use the Quake, as it’s the most common Legendary fruit that you can get.

  • Head to the Sea of Treats and talk to the Sick Scientist. You can also get it from the Mysterious Scientist, in the Second Sea.
  • Here you need to heal him first and then buy the raid chip for 1,000 fragments or a physical fruit that is worth $1,000,000 or more.

Also, as this quest is permanent, thus even if you switch to another fruit, you can still buy the Phoenix Raid Chip.


To unlock this, start Dough King raid by getting a God’s Chalice and 10x Conjured Cocoa to craft a Cake Chalice. Alternatively, you can get help from a friend to summon the Dough King.

  • Collect the God’s Chalice and 10x Conjured Cocoas.
  • Now trade these materials for a Sweet Chalice from the Sweet Crafter.
  • Further, interact with drip_mama after killing 450–500 enemies to start the Dough King raid using the Sweet Chalice.
  • Now once the Dough King is defeated it will drop a Red key and other items and weapons.
  • Next, use the key to unlock the Door of the Candy Castle located on the Cake Land.
  • Lastly, inside the Cake castle, interact with the Cake Scientist to purchase the Dough Raid Microchip.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Advanced Raids in Blox Fruits. If you find this guide helpful, check out more in this game like how to get agility, or learn here about the easiest Raid in Blox Fruits. Also, you can head over to the Blox Fruits dedicated section on Gamer Tweak for more such helpful guides and tips.