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How To Get Unlimited Ammo In CSGO Practice?

Go on a killing spree.

During practice, getting unlimited money is cool. But what if you could get unlimited ammo as well? Yes, it can be done with the commands given in this guide, so make sure to read till the end. Here, we will look at how to get unlimited ammo in CSGO to avoid the steps of purchasing new weapons again and again.

Infinite Ammo Commands For CSGO Practice

While playing with bots or even while using a private server, you can use these unlimited ammo commands to make things easier. Before adding the commands, you need to enable the developer console by going to Settings > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console > Yes.

Now, you are all set to copy and paste the unlimited ammo commands for CSGO. To bring up the developer console, press the key ` or ~. Let’s take a look at the commands.

The following command will enable cheats, so go ahead and paste it in the console: sv_cheats 1

Next, type sv_infinite_ammo 2 to get unlimited ammo in CSGO. With this command, you weapons will still need reloading. Some players might like this while some might not.

Are you the player who doesn’t want to reload? No worries, there’s a command for that too. Type sv_infinite_ammo 1 to get infinite ammo without reload. With this, you can keep spraying bullets like nobody’s business and become a killing machine.

So this is how to get infinite ammo in CSGO. Don’t forget to check out our other guides on how to add unlimited money and how to bind jump to scroll wheel in CSGO.