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How To Add Unlimited Money For CSGO Practice?

Use these commands for infinite money

During practice, if you get the additional support of unlimited money in CSGO, it gets much easier to buy weapons or any other items that you require. Ending up without cash during practice will surely make you annoyed, so, in this guide, we will look at the ways to add unlimited money in CSGO practice.

Infinite Money Commands for CSGO Practice

Note that these commands will give you infinite cash while playing with bots or even while using a private server. The first thing you should do is enable the developer console. For this, complete the following steps:

  • Visit Settings
  • Go to Game Settings
  • You will see Enable Developer Console
  • Choose Yes

The next step to do is to open the developer console. You can do it by pressing the ` or ~ key on the keyboard. Once it is open, all you have to do is input these commands into it. Simply copying them from below and pasting them will work. Doing this will add unlimited money in CSGO after you restart the game.

mp_maxmoney 65535;
mp_startmoney 65535;
mp_afterroundmoney 65535;
mp_restartgame 1

In order to make the round time infinite and purchase from anywhere in the map, simply put the following commands in the console.

mp_maxmoney 65535;
mp_startmoney 65535;
mp_afterroundmoney 65535;
mp_buytime 60000;
mp_buy_anywhere 1;
mp_roundtime_defuse 60;
mp_roundtime_hostage 60;
mp_roundtime 60;
mp_restartgame 1

The maximum money a player can get is 65535 which is why the commands above have that number.

This is how you can add unlimited money in cs go using these commands. While you are here, be sure to also check out our guide on how to bind jump to scroll wheel CS:GO.