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FE Engage Unit Tier List (2023) – Best Characters!

Here is a Tier List of the Best Unit in Fire Emblem Engage.

With the launch of Fire Emblem Engage, all the fun from the famous JRPG franchise is now revived. While embarking on a quest to defeat the Fell Dragon, you will be facing some unforgiving enemies. Hence, it is necessary for you to gather a troop of courageous and strong soldiers. Although, the list of the Units that can be recruited in this game is too long. This may confuse you about selecting your go-to Unit. However, a Tier List featuring the best characters can sort out all the difficulties here. If you were looking for such a list already, then your journey has now been completed. Read this guide for a Best Unit Tier List in Fire Emblem Engage.


Which is the Best Unit in Fire Emblem Engage? – Tier List

Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List

Here is a Tier List of the Best Unit that can easily get you an upper hand in FE Engage:

Characters Tier
Alear (Female + Male) S
Chloe S
Seadall S
Ivy S
Kagetsu S
Hortensia S
Veyle S
Mauvier S
Framme A
Alfred A
Celine A
Diamant A
Alcryst A
Lapis A
Timerra A
Fogado A
Rosado A
Clanne B
Vander B
Louis B
Jade B
Merrin B
Pandreo B
Bunet B
Zelkov B
Yunaka B
Boucheron C
Etie C
Amber C
Panette C
Goldmary C
Anna C
Lindon C
Citrinne D
Jean D
Saphir D

The above-mentioned was our Tier List of Best Units in FE Engage. These characters were ranked on the basis of their strength and abilities. The S Tier Units are the strongest while the following Units (A, B, C,& D) are comparatively less strong.


It is possible that your views and opinions may differ on this list.

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That covers everything on the FE Engage Unit Tier List. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Fire Emblem Engage Guides on Gamer Tweak.