How To Get To Underground Waterways In Genshin Impact

Junaid Shaikh
2 Min Read

Genshin Impact features many areas to explore but some can be tricky to get to like the Underground Waterways. Exploring the overworld is a big part of the gameplay in Genshin Impact. With such beautifully designed areas and unique aesthetics, you are going to want to explore it all. The game gets updated often too with new locations to explore. Let’s take a look at how you can explore and get to one such location called the Underground Waterways.

How to Reach The Underground Waterways in Genshin Impact

underground waterways genshin impact

In order to get to the Underground Waterways in Genshin Impact, first you need to make sure that the Chasm: Underground Mines Teleport Waypoint is unlocked and useable. This area is in the Liyue region near The Chasm Main Mining Area.

Once you teleport over here, you are going to want to stick to the walls and head west toward a cave entrance. You will know you’re going in the right direction if you see small puddles of water on the ground. After traveling further into the cave, you will find some friendly Fatui agents standing near some huts. You can accept the side quest from them or simply move on forward.

After crossing the friendly Fatui Agents, at this point, you have to stick to the walls on your right side. You will see a path leading further up in elevation, this is where you need to be going. This path will lead you up to a bigger open cave area which is the Underground Waterways. Once in this area, you can open the map and check that you are directly where it says ‘Underground Waterway’ on the map.

That is how you can get to the Underground Waterways in Genshin Impact. For more articles like this, check out our other guides on Genshin Impact like the Abyss Herald: Frost Fall enemy guide and how to complete Floral Pursuit.