How To Complete Floral Pursuit In Genshin Impact

Wondering about how to complete the limited event Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact and get all rewards ? Here is a simple guide .

Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact has brought many limited-time events, one of these events is the Floral Pursuit. To put it simply it is an event where you as the player can run around collecting balloons in a designated area. It is a part of the Windblume’s Breath Event, a limited-time event. Curious about how to complete this event fully and claim all rewards? Here is our quick guide on How to complete floral pursuit in Genshin Impact.

Unlock Requirements

  • Reach Adventure Rank 18 and above.
  • Complete ‘Song of the Dragons and Freedom’.
  • Complete ‘A Gathering of Outlanders’ (Story Part of Windblume’s Breath Event).

How To Complete Floral Pursuit In Genshin Impact

Floral Pursuit 2

  • To start the event head to Mondstadt and talk to Plauen. He is at the back of the city, the eastern entrance of Mondstadt.
  • On entering the game mode, collect as many Bloom Balloons as you can until you can summon the Ring of Pursuit.
  • The Ring of Pursuit is a floral exit point that you can take when you are done collecting all the needed balloons.
  • While collecting Bloom Balloons you must avoid Ersatz Balloons.
  • When Ersatz Balloons come in contact with you they will teleport you back to the starting point of the challenge. 
  • The game provides you with Galeblessings. Galeblessings are green glowing orbs that can be collected.
  • It will charge up a skill called the Ersatz Dispeller.
  • Click on the Normal Attack button to activate this Ersatz Dispeller. It will form an effect around your character.
  • While the effect is active, approaching an Ersatz Balloon will cause the Ersatz Balloon to pop. 
  • The game can be played in Co-op mode as well.
  • You can aim to get the highest score to collect all rewards or enough coins to just collect the primogems the stage offers. 

Floral Pursuit 1

Floral Pursuit Stages

  • Ordered Wind
  • Inverted Wind
  • Observant Wind
  • Obstructing Wind
  • Shimmering Wind
  • Pursuing Wind

Note: This is a limited-time event only so make sure to complete it as quickly as you can before it ends.

Floral Pursuit Rewards

floral pursuit 3

  • Each Stage of the Event will award you with 60 Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wits, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Floral Coupon which is necessary to purchase items in the event shop.
  • Stage 1 Ordered Wind will give you the Free 4 Star Claymore Mailed Flower.

Here is everything you need to know about successfully completing the event Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact. If you like playing Genshin Impact then check out our guide on How To Get Guide To Light.