Abyss Herald: Frost Fall Enemy Guide Genshin Impact

Junaid Shaikh
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Abyss Herald: Frost Fall is a new enemy that is introduced in the 3.5 update of Genshin Impact. This Abyss Herald uses cryo element to its will as the name ‘Frost Fall’ would suggest. His dark frost powers are said to not just freeze the body but even freeze the soul. Let’s take a look at Abyss Herald: Frost Fall enemy in-depth and understand more about him.

Guide On Abyss Herald: Frost Fall In Genshin Impact

abyss herald frost fall genshin

Abyss Herald: Frost Fall is a boss enemy in Genshin Impact that appears during the Caribet questline. He cannot be found anywhere in the overworld as of now. The only place you can find him currently is in the Spiral Abyss. This means you might have to wait for some time before you get to fight him so make sure you make it count.

Abyss Herald: Frost Fall Abilities and Attacks

  • Dark Frost Enchantment: Whenever he attempts to attack you, he gains a chance to obtain an enchantment of dark frost. Such attacks are imbued with dark frost and deplete a lot of stamina. You will lose 50 stamina on the first hit and 20 stamina for each consecutive hit within 3 seconds. Keeping your stamina high is important in Genshin Impact and more so when fighting Abyss Herald: Frost Fall.
  • Stance of Desolation: This is when the Abyss Herald readies its frost blades in preparation for an attack. When you are close enough to him in this stance, he will do a Melee Combo which consists of two consecutive slashes. When you are further away, he will do a Chase Combo which consists of a lunging stab followed by two consecutive slashes.
  • Frigid Sweep: This is a charge attack where he will spin in a circular slash. This is an AoE attack that deals damage in a large space around him. When he is shielded, he will deal increased damage with this attack along with a bigger AoE.
  • Wintry Rush: Abyss Herald will slowly walk toward you and try to take you by surprise by suddenly rushing and attacking with a slash. An additional stab can also be added into the mix when he is shielded. It’s guaranteed to happen if his shield is at 40% or lower. Destroying this shield is key to defeating the Abyss Herald: Frost Fall in Genshin Impact.
  • Dark Frost Icicle: He will fire a projectile from his frost blades. This projectile will have Dark Frost Enchantment on it but it will also reduce the probability of him obtaining the enchantment next time.
  • Icy Dominion: This attack is triggered with he reaches 20% health. He will leap into the air and come barreling down with a powerful slam that deals high damage. This attack makes him imbue himself with a Frozen Shield.
  • The Dark Frost Falls: He will leap into the air and fire 4 projectiles in 2 separate sets. This attack is guaranteed to have a Dark Frost Enchantment so avoid getting hit by it. This attack is only used by him when he is shielded.

How to Defeat Abyss Herald: Frost Fall

To defeat Abyss Herald: Frost Fall in Genshin Impact, you need to understand all his moves and abilities. He uses Cryo as his element which already makes it so that he can freeze you but on top of that there are the Dark Frost attacks. Keeping your stamina from depleting is one of the keys to defeating him. This is why you should try and avoid all dark frost attacks and learn to recognize which attacks are enchanted with dark frost.


The shield and breaking it quickly are also key factors in defeating him. Once he activates it, he will resist all types of damage. At this point, all you have to focus on is breaking this shield. Pyro attacks can do more damage to the shield than anything else. This is why you should use Pyro Characters in your composition when fighting him. Characters like Diluc, Dehya, Hu Tao, Klee, Amber, etc. are recommended to use against him.

That concludes our guide on Abyss Herald Frost Fall enemy in Genshin Impact. For more articles like this, check out our other guides on Genshin Impact like the Caribert Archon quest guide and how to complete Floral Pursuit.

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