Genshin Impact Caribert Archon Quest Guide

Caribert Archon Quest has arrived in Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact. Here is a Detailed Guide on how to complete it.

The new Archon Quest Caribert is available for Genshin Impact Players with its version 3.5 update. We will meet familiar characters like Kaeya and Dainsleif, on a journey to uncover more secrets of the abyss. The location of the Quest is in Sumeru. Intrigued about the Caribert Archon Quest Completion? Here is a detailed guide on it in case you are stuck anywhere.

Spoiler Warning for some plot points. 

Requirements to Unlock The Archon Quest

  • Reach Adventure Rank 35 and Above
  • Complete Chapter III: Act 5 Archon Quest: Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises
  • If You are a new player progress through the Archon Quests through the Regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, The Chasm, and Finally Sumeru.


Genshin Impact Caribert Archon Quest Guide

 Destined Encounter

  • Travel to Port Ormos and have a conversation with Masur who explains about a stranger misusing a loophole in the mailing system. You will receive a Wine Scented letter.
  • Make your way to  Djafar Tavern and wait till morning.
  • Dainsleif will also appear during this conversation. Follow Dainsleif to Avidya Forest.
  • You will find yourself in a house, investigate the contents there and continue talking to Dainsleif.
  • On hearing a noise, go outside to defeat the slimes.
  • Sitting by the bonfire, have a conversation with Paimon.

Fortune Mocking Pedigree

  • On waking up look for Paimon inside the house, a strange man named Eide will question your motives for being there.
  • After pressuring him for a bit he will show you the hilichurl lying on the bed by the wall. There will be a discussion with Eide who will reveal that he is from Khaneriah and some of the history of Khaneriah. He will tell you about the hilichurl who is his son Caribert.
  • Requirement: Two Kalpalata Lotus and Sumeru Roses in your inventory to craft the Namless Taboo Medicine of the Royal Court, as asked by Eide.
  • Watch Eide Worship the Staue of the Seven and which you must administer the dose of medicine to the hilichurl.
  • Get Eide the water from the waterfall as he creates a special fertilizer needed for the Strange Mushroom. There will be monsters who are attracted to the strange mushroom.
  • On successfully defeating the monsters, pick the mushrooms and craft the medicine. During this Caribert will awaken and walk away into the forest until Eide notices.

A Lamenter at Fate’s End

  • When you follow the mysterious hilichurl, you will encounter an Unknown Sanctuary. The Hilichurls will be worshiping something there.
  • Explore the cavern and find 3 keys to open the upside-down chamber.
  • Once you open it glide down and keep moving forward till you encounter a Fortune Lector (Cryo Abyss Lector).
  • After defeating it continue to move forward till you reach a big open space, you will be interrupted by a cut scene.
  • You will be faced by a giant purple crystal hanging from the ceiling. A mysterious voice will speak to the traveler.
  • Leave the cave with Eide and return to the house where the medicine will work and Caribert will be able to recognize his father. Eide will return to the cavern to offer his thanks to the mysterious voice that healed his son. Achievement unlocked: The Far Side of Fate.

Portended Fate

  • Follow Eide and enter the sanctuary again. There will be some small enemies like slimes.
  • The Purple Crystal has disappeared. You leave and return to the house again with Eide, however, Caribert is missing. A Shattered mirror lies on the desk.
  • While searching for Caribert you come across his discarded scarf, ahead you find some forest rangers. A disagreement occurs between Eide and the Rangers.
  • Finally, you find Caribert at the edge of a cliff. A Cut scene begins, after which the traveler loses consciousness.
  • After regaining consciousness in the small home with Eide, a discussion takes place revealing many elements of the game’s lore.
  • After a cut scene, you will be awoken from sleep by Paimon and Dainsleif. You tell him what happened and then part ways.
  • Achievement unlocked: Caribert

This ends the Archon Quest ‘ Caribert’, you will receive rewards in the form of 60 primogems, Adventure EXP, Mora, and Talent books. Since you like Playing Genshin Check out our How To Get & Use Guide To Gold In Genshin Impact