How To Get & Use Guide To Gold In Genshin Impact

Here is how you can farm Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact.

Guide to Gold is one of the many Talent level-up materials in Genshin Impact that you can have a hard time getting. But while it might appear difficult it obtain, it is actually very simple just more of a tedious task. So here are all ways you can get and use Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact

genshin impact get and use guide to gold

There are three ways to get Guide to Gold in Genshin.

  • From Taishan Mansion Domain
  • By Crafting
  • From Parametric Transformer

Here is how all methods work:

From Taishan Mansion Domain

use taishan mansion domain to get guide to gold

This is a Domain that you have to unlock in Jueyun Karst in Liyue. Unlocking it is fairly easy, when you first get to its location it will be submerged underwater.

  1. Near the domain, you can see a monolith mechanism, go towards it. Next, defeat 3 waves of enemies and activate it. This will lower the water level a bit.
  2. Next, you need to break 3 Geo rocks and use the star-like orbs you get from them to fill the 3 lanterns. This will allow you to activate the next monolith mechanism. This will lower the water level completely allowing you to access the Taishan Mansion domain.

Finally, enter the Domain of Mastery: Circle of Embers every Wednesday and Saturday to get Guide to Gold as Drops. You can also enter the Domain of Mastery: Abyss of Embers for it.

How to Craft Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact

how to craft guide to gold in genshin impact

You can craft Guide to Gold if you have enough Teachings of Gold and Mora. To craft one of it, you need:

  • Teachings of Gold x3
  • Mora x175

To Craft it:

  1. Go to any Crafting Bench.
  2. Scroll down and select Guide to Gold. You get its recipe at Adventure Rank 30.
  3. Craft it.

From Parametric Transformer

This is not the best method in this list because its drops are random. Here is how to use it:

  1. Place the Parametric Transformer when not in combat.
  2. Fill it with random materials, for example, slime condensate. You have to add a total of 150 materials.
  3. Next, charge it up using Elemental attacks. Using characters like Sucrose and Klee are recommended for it.
  4. Once it is 100% charged up you have a chance to get Guide to Gold along with other items.

You cannot use Parametric Transformer until its cooldown is over, which is 7 days.

How to Use Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact

There are mainly two uses for Guide to Gold in this game. The first is to level up the talents of certain characters, these are:

  • Beidou
  • Geo Traveler
  • Xingqiu
  • Xinyan
  • Yanfei
  • Zhongli

And its second use is to craft Philosophies of Gold. You can use 3 Guide to Gold and 550 Mora to get 1 Philosophies of Gold.

That covers this guide on how to get and use Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide useful then you should also check out our Genshin Impact section for more help on other topics for this game.