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Lost Ark FPS: How to Uncap FPS Limit Drops?

Here's how to uncap FPS limit drops in Lost Ark.

The next level of your Lost Ark adventure depends heavily on PvP. There are several options to battle with friends, strangers, and even in other game types including Team Deathmatch, Elimination, and others. However, there are situations when you could have realized that your adversary is moving faster than you. Therefore, you could be considering how to shorten that. So today we will look at how to uncap FPS limit drops in Lost Ark.

How to Uncap FPS Limit Drops in Lost Ark Easily?

How to Uncap FPS Limit Drops in Lost Ark Easily

There isn’t truly a technique to bypass your framerate limit in Lost Ark. Fortunately, you have a straightforward 2 different workaround you may try to enable a greater smooth framerate. A few of these actions are carried out within Lost Ark, while the other requires you to modify your GPU drivers. With that said, here’s how to uncap FPS limit drops in Lost Ark:


“Nvidia Control Panel” should be opened. Click the “Program Settings” option from the “Manage 3D Settings” menu. Again from the list of application programs, choose “Lost Ark.” The “Vertical Sync” must then be disabled by the gamers. In order to save the modifications, click “Apply.”


Activate the “AMD Radeon” program. Find “Lost Ark” below the Gaming category and click it. “Radeon Enhanced Sync” should be enabled to uncap FPS now.

By doing these actions, the 60-FPS cap will be lifted, allowing gamers to experience the greatest frame rates possible. Additionally, to guarantee that the game runs smoothly without any unexpected frame drops, players are recommended to take common precautions such as closing background programs.

Be prepared to switch the “Screen” setting back to “Full Screen” in the game’s options menu if you’re still experiencing problems. The frame rate of Lost Ark will lock at the minimum framerate across all of your screens, thus this is especially crucial if you’re utilizing two or more displays.

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