Should You Kill Imogene & Side With Ularu In Starfield?

Check out here to know if you should side with Ularu or Imogene during the Guilty Parties Quest in Starfield.

During the Guilty Parties quest in Starfield, you can choose to kill Imogene and side with Ularu. Or else, you can side with Imogene and go against Ularu as well. This is one of the most important decisions to make in the Ryujin Industries Faction questline. Both decisions will have different outcomes and it is better to know the most appropriate one. And that’s what you will find in this guide, the outcomes for siding with Ularu Chen or Imogene Salzo (best decision) in Starfield.

Description: There are major spoilers related to the Guilty Parties quest ahead. We recommend you move ahead only if you are willing to know the outcomes of your decision. 

Should you Side with Imogene or Ularu in Starfield?

There’s a mole in Ryujin Industries who has been selling Project Dominion’s data to Infinity LTD (a rival company). Everyone believes that Imogene is the sellout and hence, you must find and bring her back. After finding her at the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout on Neon Planet, you will be engaging in a conversation with her. Wherein, you get to know her side of the story which reveals that Ularu is the true traitor and has set her up. That’s where you will have to make a decision between siding with Imogene or Ularu. There is also a third option that allows you to attack and kill Imogene during the Guilty Parties quest in Starfield. Below, you will know what happens in all of these 3 scenarios:

What happens when you Side with Imogene

What happens when you side with Imogene in Starfield

Taking Imogene’s side will provide you with some evidence that reveals that Ularu is the real culprit. You can then collect that data and hand it over to Dalton. However, you can also take that evidence and confront Ularu to collect more information. In this segment, you will know that Ularu is the real mole and has set Imogene up. Now, you will have another option to either support Ularu or Masako (current CEO of Ryujin Industries). Supporting any of them will reward you handsomely.

What happens when you Side with Ularu

Throughout your conversation with Imogene, you can try and back up Ularu. Even if you have collected the evidence, you can still side with Ularu in Starfield. But doing so would sacrifice Imogene, who is completely innocent. On the other hand, supporting Ularu will reward you with 16,400 Credits, a personal office, and complete access to the Mission Board. Before all this happens, you can also kill Imogene.

What happens when you side with Ularu in Starfield

What happens when you Kill Imogene in Starfield?

Those who have decided to kill Imogene, note that there will be some serious repercussions for it. For starters, Dalton will be disappointed in you for not bringing back Imogene in a single piece. After killing her, you’ll be able to loot her Spacesuit, Weapons, etc., and the evidence against Ularu. Even after killing Imogene, you can choose to stand against Ularu in Starfield. But, will this be necessary? Should you really Kill her?

According to me, you should not kill Imogene but support her. Staying on Ularu’s side would mean supporting the evil and contributing toward a potential downfall of Ryujin Industries. Somewhere, everyone knows that Masako is the best leader and CEO of the Company. And helping Ularu to take her down is not something I will recommend. And if you are worried about the rewards, then don’t. Going against Ularu and supporting Masako will reward you with more Credits. And at the same time, you can also prove Imogene’s innocence to Masako (if you have spared her life). She will help you remove the false accusations about Imogene and bring her back to Ryujin Industries.

That covers everything about our Imogene and Ularu Choice Guide in Starfield. If you find it helpful, then be sure to take a look at our Starfield Wiki. We have covered plenty of such choice/decision guides to help you throughout your playthrough.

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