Type Soul Segunda Tier List

Want to know which are the best Segundas in Type Soul right now? This tier list will help you out.

Many players are looking for a Type Soul Segunda Tier List. The game currently has 10 of them that you can get. So while it may not look like a big number to choose from these are still very different from each other and can affect your playstyle. For those new to Type Soul or Bleach, Segunda or Segunda Etapa is the second evolution of an Arrancar’s Resurreccion. Now that you know what it is, here is a quick overview of which position each of them belongs in.

Type Soul Segunda Tier List – Ranked from Best to Worst

Type Soul Segunda Tier List Ranked From Best To Worst
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S Tier

  • Light Segunda
  • Starrk Segunda
  • Volcanica Segunda

A Tier

  • Vampire Segunda
  • Storm Segunda
  • Bone Segunda

B Tier

  • Shark Segunda
  • Arrogante Segunda

C Tier

  • Phoenix Segunda
  • Slash Segunda

How Tiers Work for this Type Soul Segunda Rankings

  • S Tier: These are the best Segundas that you can use right now. They will be handy no matter if you want to use them for boss raids or for PvP. They are overall the currently strongest ones in the game.
  • A Tier: The Segundas in this tier list are the next best ones that you should go for. These aren’t too overpowered or broken in any way. But they are still plenty strong when you use them in boss raids.
  • B Tier: While Shark Segunda is actually quite the favorite of many, several others believe there are better options available. When you compare it with Starrk or Light Segundas, Shark doesn’t feel as powerful.
  • C Tier: Finally, for the ones in this tier you should wipe and get other ones from the above tiers. They offer better abilities and damage.

Do note, that these rankings are subjective. If for example, you like playing with Bone or Shark Segunda then you don’t have to go for something else. These rankings should help out new players better, so if you enjoy using any other Segunda that you already have, you don’t have to worry about where your favorites are ranked.

That is all for the Type Soul Segunda Tier list. If you like playing this game, you might also find our other guides useful on how to meditate, get legendary markings, and store items.