Type Soul Eyes: How To Get Rare Or Legendary Markings

Want to make your character look even cooler than it already is? You can reroll your eye markings to get legendary eyes in Type Soul!

The latest major update of Type Soul remade all eyes and even added new rare eye markings. This comes with other additions like new mouths and eyebrows. And what is interesting is that it rerolls the ones your character previously had. For those that are new to this game, it is based on Bleach. Unlike Naruto, they are not as important power-wise as Sharingan, Rinnegan, or Byakugan. But they still work in ways to make your character stand out and give your character a unique appearance.

How to Get Rare or Legendary Type Soul Eyes

How To Get Legendary Or Rare Eyes In Type Soul
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Use eye rerolls to get Legendary or rare eyes in Type Soul.

You have to use Eye Rerolls in order to change your eye markings. There are two ways to obtain it. The main method is purchasing them. This requires you to spend 99 Robux for 1 reroll. Aside from that you can redeem Type Soul codes that grant you eye rerolls. The more you have them saved up the more you can use them. In order to reroll your eyes:

  1. Launch Type Soul from Roblox.
  2. Press “N” on your keyboard to open the menu and go to the page with the Items tab.
  3. Click on Eyes Reroll.
  4. Then, click on Equip and assign it to one of your keys that are available.
  5. Now, press that key to reroll your eye. For example, if you assigned it to 1 then press 1 and it will reroll it.
  6. Once assigned it will stay there until you run out of them. So keep rerolling until you get something that you like.
  7. Stop rerolling once you get the Legendary or any rare ones.

That is all for Type Soul eyes and how to get rare or Legendary markings. While you are here I suggest you also check our guides on how you can store items, what god’s prize is, and the fix for not enough Shikai EXP.