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How To Get & Use Twinberries In Sons Of The Forest

Here is what you should do when you get a Twinberry in Sons of the Forest.

While playing Sons of the Forest, you might have come across a fruit known as the Twinberries. You may be excited to consume them right away if your health is low or if you are hungry but you shouldn’t do that. Just like how some food is poisonous in real life, this game too has things that you should and shouldn’t eat. So here is a quick guide on how to get and use Twinberry in this game.

Twinberries Locations in Sons of the Forest

how to get and use twinberries in sons of the forest

You can find Twinberries almost everywhere on the Island in this game. The best places to look for them are in forests, specifically, look for shrubs. They are easy to spot from a distance thanks to their distinct red leaves. Simply interact with the bushes when you are exploring and you can get them. Each bush has patches of 3 Twinberries in them. So you get 3 of them from each bush.

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How to Use Twinberries

You should keep this item as a last resort to satiate your character’s hunger. Consuming it causes more harm than good in some way.

If your character is really hungry then you could eat it to increase your fullness. But do remember that it reduces your health in exchange as it is poisonous. Also, it doesn’t provide any form of Hydration. So aside from that there is no other known use for this item. You can carry a maximum of 20 of these berries.

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